Carolina Pines Regional Medical Center providing 5,000 masks to city of Hartsville

Carolina Pines donates 5,000 masks in Hartsville

HARTSVILLE, S.C. (WMBF) - After the Hartsville City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday to encourage the use of face masks, Carolina Pines Regional Medical Center decided to help the city’s effort to stop the spread of COVID-19.

The hospital will provide at least 5,000 masks to the city of Hartsville to be distributed to the public.

Carolina Pines Director of Infection Control Tanya Baker said working with the city to provide the public with face masks gets them one step closer to achieving their goal of making communities healthier.

“If one person is safe from wearing a mask then we’ve done our job,” said Baker.

Baker said making people healthier doesn’t begin in the hospital, it begins out in the community.

She said Carolina Pines felt responsible for making sure Hartsville residents have access to as many masks as possible.

“If we are going to encourage the use of masks, we have to make sure the citizens have access to that,” said Baker. “Everyone may not have access to a mask or everyone may not have the ability to purchase a cloth mask.”

Baker said it’s important for the public to see how seriously their hospital and city are taking this virus.

“You have to start somewhere and as I say, things start from the top up, so if the citizens can see how important the hospital here in Hartsville feels it is and that the city feels it is, hopefully, they’ll buy-in and come on board the same,” said Baker.

Baker said this virus needs to be taken seriously and everyone must work together to stop the spread.

“We all have to work together, everyone plays a part in this. It isn’t just the healthcare providers trying to take care of sick people. We all need to work on keeping people healthy and keeping this virus contained before people get so sick they have to be treated in the facility,” said Baker.

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