Science with Sean

  Science with Sean: Snow Globe Salsa Jar

Snow globes add a splash of glitter and glisten to the holiday spirit. Using, or reusing, a few simple ingredients here's how you can make one at home!

  Science with Sean: Siphon Straw

  Science with Sean: Black Fire Flower

  Science with Sean: Capillary Motion

  Science with Sean: Dissolve the Rainbow

  Science with Sean: Ice Volcanoes

  Science with Sean: Creating bouncy eggs

Continued Coverage

Science with Sean: Foam Fountain

Science with Sean: Pumpkin Volcano

  Science with Sean: Animating Art with Dry Erase Marker

  Science with Sean: Create a storm in a glass

  Summer of Science: Tension Transportation

  Summer of Science: Ping Pong Propulsion

  Summer of Science: Inflation Creation

Blow up balloons using a chemical reaction to do the grunt work.

  Summer of Science: Lemon Volcanoes

Instead of lemonade, make volcanoes out of your lemons with just a few household ingredients.

Summer of Science: Making moves with Static Electricity

Giving household objects a charge with static electricity!

  Summer of Science: Sink or Swim with Ketchup Packets

Use condiments to show how buoyancy works in this week's Summer of Science.

  Summer of Science: Marshmallow Architecture

Summer of Science: It’s time to make Slime

Summer of Science: Make your own simple lava lamp for less than $5