FIRST ALERT: Coldest night since March

FIRST ALERT: Dramatic temperature drop on the way

FIRST ALERT: Historic hurricane season comes to an end

  FIRST ALERT: Strong storms possible Sunday afternoon and evening

  FIRST ALERT: Saturday showers before big changes arrive

  FIRST ALERT: Mild Black Friday, looking ahead to strong system Monday

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FIRST ALERT: Cloudy and warm Thanksgiving, big changes into next week

  FIRST ALERT: Milder through Thanksgiving with showers possible

  FIRST ALERT: Cool Tuesday, Thanksgiving showers possible

  FIRST ALERT: Mild temperatures continue, rain increases into next week

  FIRST ALERT: Mild weekend ahead, showers into the new week

  FIRST ALERT: Warmer weather arrives for the weekend

FIRST ALERT: Warming up through the weekend

Warmer weather returns for the weekend.

FIRST ALERT: Thanksgiving Forecast

Looking ahead to the Thanksgiving Forecast

FIRST ALERT: Frosty night ahead of weekend warm-up

A widespread frost and freeze is likely for tonight and into Thursday morning.

FIRST ALERT: Watching two chances of development

Two chances of development continue now in the tropics.

FIRST ALERT: Frost possible, brisk Wednesday ahead

FIRST ALERT: Iota continues to weaken, another chance of development increasing

FIRST ALERT: Cool, dry week ahead

FIRST ALERT: Leonid Meteor Shower peaks tonight

FIRST ALERT: Iota now a category five hurricane

  FIRST ALERT: Warm temperatures and Sunday showers on tap

  FIRST ALERT: Comfortable, dry, and sunny Saturday weather

Lower humidity and cooler temperatures will continue to settle in for our Saturday afternoon across the Grand Strand and Pee Dee.

  Community helps Myrtle Beach inn owner after storms rip off roof

The community came together on Friday to help the owner of a Myrtle Beach inn after it suffered major damage from storms that moved across the Grand Strand and the Pee Dee.

FIRST ALERT: Sunny Saturday on the way

Clearing skies return on Friday.

FIRST ALERT: Tropical Depression 31 forms, forecast to become hurricane

Tropical Depression 31 has formed and is expected to become Tropical Storm Iota by the end of today.

  FIRST ALERT: Clearing skies and mild temperatures to start the weekend

After a soggy and messy Thursday, our drying trend will begin today across the Grand Strand and Pee Dee.

  FIRST ALERT: Heavy rainfall threat remains through this evening

It’s going to be quite the soggy and messy day across the Grand Strand and Pee Dee, especially for your Thursday afternoon.

FIRST ALERT: Rivers rising following heavy rain

Local rivers are rising above flood stage.

Emergency management urging ‘extreme caution’ as heavy rain causes flooding in parts of Florence County

Florence County Emergency Management is encouraging residents to use “extreme caution” as Thursday’s heavy rain is causing storm damage and flooding in parts of the county.

  FIRST ALERT: Flash Flood Watch issued ahead of heavy rain

A Flash Flood Watch has been issued for heavy rain through Thursday. Here's what you need to know in the first alert forecast.

FIRST ALERT: Eta is now a hurricane, high chance of development in Caribbean

Eta, Theta and another chance of development! Here's what you need to know for the tropics on your Wednesday.

FIRST ALERT: Theta, Eta and another chance of development

More tropical development possible later this week in the Caribbean.

FIRST ALERT: Theta forms, 2020 now has the most named storms on record

Theta will work into the Atlantic, posing no threat to the United States.

  FIRST ALERT: Tropical moisture to bring heavy rainfall to the Carolinas

Tropical moisture will lead to increasing rain chances for the middle of the week.

  FIRST ALERT: Tropical moisture increases rain chances this week

Rain chances will increase toward the middle of this week.

  FIRST ALERT: Increasing rain chances and humidity into the new week

It’s another rinse and repeat type of forecast today across the Grand Strand and Pee Dee with warm temperatures and isolated rain chances in the forecast.

  FIRST ALERT: Mild temperatures and isolated showers this weekend

Today’s forecast will continue our warming trend with highs topping out in the middle and upper 70s.

  FIRST ALERT: Showers return to the forecast

Here's a look at the forecast for the weekend. Rain chances arrive over the next few days.

  FIRST ALERT: Warming trend returns with a few isolated showers

Warmer weather works into the region with a few isolated showers for those afternoons.

FIRST ALERT: Warming up through the weekend

Temperatures will continue to warm through the weekend.

FIRST ALERT: Eta is now a tropical storm, may eventually threaten Florida

Eta is now a hurricane, the 12th of the season.

FIRST ALERT: Gradual warming trend on the way

Milder weather returns by the end of the week.

  FIRST ALERT: Cold start to Election Day

It's Election Day and we have you covered with the forecast.

  FIRST ALERT: Sunday showers and warm temperatures today

Big changes are on the way as we head into the second half of the weekend.

  FIRST ALERT: Cold front brings big changes into next week

After a chilly start to your Halloween Saturday, cool temperatures and plenty of sunshine will take shape into this afternoon.

FIRST ALERT: Pleasant Saturday before Sunday showers

Cool, yet seasonable temperatures will settle in as we head towards the remainder of your Friday evening.

FIRST ALERT: High chance of development in Caribbean

Here we go again. There's another chance of development.

  FIRST ALERT: Breezy winds for Friday, cooler weather pattern arrives

Breezy winds continue with cooler temperatures for the next several days. Here's your First Alert forecast to your weekend plans.

FIRST ALERT: Drying out and cooling off

Clearing cooler through Saturday.

FIRST ALERT: Zeta impacts the Carolinas Thursday

We're keeping an eye on the cold front that we have been giving you the First Alert to for the past week. Here's what you can expect through the weekend.

FIRST ALERT: Zeta to make landfall this evening

Zeta is a tropical storm but will regain hurricane strength later this evening.

  FIRST ALERT: Nice afternoon ahead

It's another nice afternoon as those temperatures remain in the 70s.

FIRST ALERT: Mild weather ahead of a weekend cool down

It's a nice and comfortable start to the week. When does the next rain chance arrive? Andrew has the answer in your First Alert forecast.

  FIRST ALERT: Off and on showers throughout the day

Rain chances are back today at 80% . Here's what you need to know for your Sunday.

FIRST ALERT: Warm temperatures and increasing rain chances into Sunday

After a foggy start to the day, sunshine and a few spotty showers are expected throughout this afternoon.

FIRST ALERT: Mild weekend with a few showers at times

Mild and humid this weekend with a few showers likely on Sunday.

  FIRST ALERT: Unseasonably warm pattern continues

A rinse and repeat type of day is on tap for the Grand Strand and Pee Dee as unseasonably warm temperatures continue across the area.

FIRST ALERT: Warm and humid through the weekend

Mild and muggy weather will linger through the weekend.

FIRST ALERT: Hurricane Epsilon will pass east of Bermuda

Hurricane Epsilon is a category two hurricane and will move east of Bermuda in the coming days.

  FIRST ALERT: Warm and humid, a few showers Tuesday

A few showers will be possible today and throughout the new work week.

FIRST ALERT: Warmer, more humid and a shower or two

Humidity will increase this week with a shower or two possible.

  FIRST ALERT: Comfortable today, milder weather arrives into the new week

After a chilly start to our morning, the 70s return this afternoon along with plenty of sunshine.

  FIRST ALERT: Fall-like weekend ahead with cool and comfortable temperatures

A beautiful fall-like day is in store for the Grand Strand and Pee Dee to kick start the weekend.

FIRST ALERT: Final push towards a record-breaking season

Additional areas of development are possible in the tropics through next week.

FIRST ALERT: Clear and crisp start to the weekend

Clear and cooler through the weekend.

FIRST ALERT: Friday showers ahead of a beautiful fall weekend

A cold front will push through the area bringing a risk of showers on Friday and cooler weather for the weekend.

FIRST ALERT: NOAA issues winter outlook

NOAA has issued its forecast for the winter 2020-2021 season.

FIRST ALERT: Scattered showers and storms to finish the week

Showers and storms return Friday.

FIRST ALERT: Cooler and less humid Wednesday

Clear skies and lower humidity return on Wednesday.

Tonight: Mars at its brightest until 2035

Earth and Mars will be separated by a mere 39 million miles tonight, their closest pairing until 2035. The red planet will look much brighter and telescopically, will appear much bigger.

FIRST ALERT: Remaining mild with a few showers

A few stray showers will remain possible on Tuesday.

  NWS sending crews to Horry, Dillon counties to survey damage from possible tornadoes

The National Weather Service will send crews out to parts of Horry County Monday morning to survey damage caused by a possible tornado on Sunday.

FIRST ALERT: Chance of development in the Atlantic

We continue to watch a chance of development in the next two and five days.

  FIRST ALERT: Delta’s remnants bring increasing storm chances.

After heavy rain moved through overnight, we’ll see the return of showers and storms into this afternoon.

  FIRST ALERT: Rain chances and mugginess on the rise as the remnants of Delta pass through

A few isolated showers will be possible for the first half of our weekend, but the humidity and mugginess will continue to rise.

  FIRST ALERT: A quiet end to the week before rain chances return

One more day of quiet, dry, and warm weather is on the way for the Grand Strand and Pee Dee.

FIRST ALERT: Delta’s remnants bring weekend rain chances

It's a warm end to the week with increasing humidity and rain chances toward the weekend.

FIRST ALERT: Delta once again a major hurricane

Hurricane watches are now in effect for portions of the Gulf Coast.

FIRST ALERT: Warm and increasingly humid

Warm and humid weather returns for the rest of the week.