FIRST ALERT: Seasonable weather ahead

  FIRST ALERT: Nice start to the work week

  FIRST ALERT: Cold and sunny today, quiet weather into the new week

  FIRST ALERT: Cool, windy, and clear Saturday ahead

FIRST ALERT: Chilly and blustery weekend on the way

FIRST ALERT: Milder Friday with a quick round of showers

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FIRST ALERT: Stray shower tonight, brighter skies Thursday

FIRST ALERT: Clearing and seasonable

FIRST ALERT: Damp and cool through Tuesday

  FIRST ALERT: Dry today before more active weather returns

  FIRST ALERT: Cool, clear, and dry weekend ahead

  FIRST ALERT: Showers continue today, soggy end to the work week

FIRST ALERT: Heavy rain tonight, more rain and falling temperatures Friday

Rain arrives tonight and will be heavy at times.

FIRST ALERT: Dry Thursday ahead of Friday soaker

A dry day for Thursday before a Friday soaker.

FIRST ALERT: Dry and brisk Wednesday

Wednesday will be clear and brisk.

FIRST ALERT: A few light showers Tuesday

A few light showers are possible Tuesday.

  FIRST ALERT: Increasing sunshine and seasonable temperatures into the new week

  FIRST ALERT: Rainy and mild stretch continues into the weekend

FIRST ALERT: Soggy and warm weekend ahead

  FIRST ALERT: A soggy and mild start to 2021

  FIRST ALERT: Off and on showers for New Years Eve

FIRST ALERT: Long stretch of mild, wet weather moving in

FIRST ALERT: Increasing warmth and showers for the New Year

Much warmer with showers at times for the New Year.

FIRST ALERT: Cooler Tuesday ahead of warm and wet New Years

Warmer weather returns to the forecast with highs approaching the 70s later this week.

FIRST ALERT: Warmer end to the weekend, another strong front next week

It's a warmer end to the weekend with the return of the 50s.

FIRST ALERT: Continued cold to start the weekend

It's going to be the coldest night of the season as Arctic air moves in.

FIRST ALERT: Cold Christmas and start to the weekend

It's a cold Christmas forecast with breezy winds!

Tornado warning issued for Horry County

The National Weather Service in Wilmington, N.C. has issued a tornado watch for a majority of the Grand Strand and the Pee Dee until 10 p.m. Thursday.

  FIRST ALERT: Clouds increase later today, strong storms possible Thursday

We're preparing you for big changes in the forecast with our FIRST ALERT WEATHER DAY on Christmas Eve. Here's what you need to know.

FIRST ALERT: Tranquil Wednesday ahead of wild holiday forecast

Tranquil weather continues Wednesday.

FIRST ALERT: Saturn, Jupiter join to create the ‘Christmas Star’

Saturn and Jupiter will align tonight in what is called the Great Conjunction.

FIRST ALERT: Mild and quiet ahead of dramatic Christmas changes

Clear and seasonable weather continue through Wednesday.

FIRST ALERT: Christmas 2020 will be the coldest in years

Much colder weather arrives for Christmas Day

FIRST ALERT: Unsettled weather continues into the new week

While we started off this morning with chilly temperatures and widespread rain, we’ll continue to dry things out the rest of today.

  FIRST ALERT: Cold and sunny start to the weekend

After a cold and frosty start to the day, highs this afternoon will remain on the cooler side.

FIRST ALERT: Changeable weather through the weekend

Changeable weather returns this weekend.

FIRST ALERT: Chilly Friday, more rain to finish the weekend

Clearing and chilly Friday.

FIRST ALERT: Rain ends but cool temperatures remain

Sunshine returns on Thursday.

FIRST ALERT: Shower return tonight, steady rain Wednesday

As we head into the rest of our Tuesday night, scattered showers will begin to develop.

  FIRST ALERT: Clear Tuesday, rain chances increase tonight into Wednesday

Rain chances increase as we head into Wednesday.

FIRST ALERT: Clear and cool into Tuesday

Since our cold front this morning, cool air continues to filter into the area this evening.

  FIRST ALERT: Unsettled start to the week

A cold front will pass through the area today bringing showers through the middle of the day.

  FIRST ALERT: Cloudy and mild today, unsettled start to the new week

It’s a foggy and wet start to our day for some this morning as light showers pass through the area.

  FIRST ALERT: Warm temperatures and clouds ahead of scattered rain chances

An unseasonably warm weekend is on the way for the Grand Strand and Pee Dee.

  FIRST ALERT: Warm weekend ahead of Monday rain

Mostly cloudy and mild this weekend.

FIRST ALERT: Warmer weather continues

Turning warmer through the end of the week and into the weekend.

  FIRST ALERT: Warm & comfortable weather returns

Highs will reach the 60s today before even warmer weather returns for the weekend.

FIRST ALERT: Cold temperatures tonight, warming up by end of week

After a cold and clear day for the Grand Strand and Pee Dee, even colder temperatures set up tonight as lows dip down near freezing.

FIRST ALERT: Are you dreaming of a white Christmas?

For those of you who may be dreaming of a white Christmas, the yearly climate map is out depicting who will have the best chance of one this year based on previous years.

  FIRST ALERT: Cold and breezy Tuesday on tap

It's a cold Tuesday with highs in the upper 40s today and wind gusts up to 15 mph. Here's a look at when we warm up in your First Alert Forecast.

FIRST ALERT: Clearing skies and turning colder

Clearing and colder through Tuesday.

  FIRST ALERT: A cool Sunday will give way to a wet Monday

As we head into the rest of the weekend, a cold start to the morning will give way to unseasonably cool highs for this afternoon.

  FIRST ALERT: Sunshine and cooler temperatures for Saturday

After a night of showers and storms, we’re starting the weekend off right with sunny skies and cool temperatures.

FIRST ALERT: Showers and strong wind gusts arrive tonight.

A strong cold front will deliver gusty winds and rain late Friday.

  FIRST ALERT: Mild end to the week, showers and storms expected tonight

While we are starting off your Friday morning on a mostly dry note, we’re in for some big changes throughout this afternoon.

FIRST ALERT: Another cold night ahead of next weather-maker

Cold again tonight ahead of our next weather maker.

FIRST ALERT: Coldest night since March

The coldest night since early March is on the way.

FIRST ALERT: Dramatic temperature drop on the way

Much colder weather will move in through Wednesday night.

FIRST ALERT: Historic hurricane season comes to an end

The historic 2020 hurricane season is coming to a close.

  FIRST ALERT: Strong storms possible Sunday afternoon and evening

While it’s a calm and quiet start to the day, increasing shower and storm chances are on the way for this evening.

  FIRST ALERT: Saturday showers before big changes arrive

It’s an overcast and wet start to the morning across the Grand Strand and Pee Dee.

  FIRST ALERT: Mild Black Friday, looking ahead to strong system Monday

A few morning showers then mild.

FIRST ALERT: Cloudy and warm Thanksgiving, big changes into next week

Today’s Thanksgiving Day forecast will feature cloudy skies and a few off and on scattered light showers.

  FIRST ALERT: Milder through Thanksgiving with showers possible

After a brief drop in temperatures, unseasonably warm weather is set for a return.

  FIRST ALERT: Cool Tuesday, Thanksgiving showers possible

Clear and chilly tonight with a few showers arriving by Thanksgiving Day.

  FIRST ALERT: Mild temperatures continue, rain increases into next week

A few isolated showers will be possible today, but most of these will stay along the coast.

  FIRST ALERT: Mild weekend ahead, showers into the new week

After a cool start to the day, temperatures will remain on the warm side through the rest of our Saturday.

  FIRST ALERT: Warmer weather arrives for the weekend

As we head into the weekend, our temperatures will reach the upper 60s to lower 70s over the next few days. Hello, fall weather!

FIRST ALERT: Warming up through the weekend

Warmer weather returns for the weekend.

FIRST ALERT: Thanksgiving Forecast

Looking ahead to the Thanksgiving Forecast

FIRST ALERT: Frosty night ahead of weekend warm-up

A widespread frost and freeze is likely for tonight and into Thursday morning.

FIRST ALERT: Watching two chances of development

Two chances of development continue now in the tropics.

FIRST ALERT: Frost possible, brisk Wednesday ahead

A brisk forecast on the way for Wednesday.

FIRST ALERT: Iota continues to weaken, another chance of development increasing

Iota continues to weaken this morning and there is another chance of development in the Caribbean that we are watching.

FIRST ALERT: Cool, dry week ahead

Clear, cool and dry for the new work week.

FIRST ALERT: Leonid Meteor Shower peaks tonight

The Leonid Meteor Shower peaks tonight.

FIRST ALERT: Iota now a category five hurricane

Iota is now a category 5 hurricane, becoming the first storm of the 2020 season to do so.

  FIRST ALERT: Warm temperatures and Sunday showers on tap

Another upswing in temperatures arrives today as humidity and rain chances return to the forecast.

  FIRST ALERT: Comfortable, dry, and sunny Saturday weather

Lower humidity and cooler temperatures will continue to settle in for our Saturday afternoon across the Grand Strand and Pee Dee.

  Community helps Myrtle Beach inn owner after storms rip off roof

The community came together on Friday to help the owner of a Myrtle Beach inn after it suffered major damage from storms that moved across the Grand Strand and the Pee Dee.