Weather Workshop: Heat Index

The heat index is a common term you hear from the First Alert Weather Team but how is it calculated? Andrew and Jessica break down the heat index and how it applies to you.

  FIRST ALERT: Summer temperatures, sunshine and steamy conditions continue

FIRST ALERT: When and how to see the Neowise Comet

  FIRST ALERT: High humidity and isolated storm chances

  FIRST ALERT: High humidity to bring afternoon storms

FIRST ALERT: Hot and humid weather expected into Monday

  FIRST ALERT: Triple digit heat index continues

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  FIRST ALERT: Hot and humid today with isolated showers and storms

FIRST ALERT: Fay slightly stronger, will pass near New York City tonight

  FIRST ALERT: Steamy weekend ahead with scattered storms

  FIRST ALERT: Scattered showers before a hot and humid weekend arrives

  FIRST ALERT: Heavy rain and downpours continue today

FIRST ALERT: Showers and storms continue

FIRST ALERT: Colorado State forecasters increase hurricane season forecast again

The latest forecast from Colorado State calls for an increased number of hurricanes in 2020.

FIRST ALERT: Chance of tropical development continues for midweek

We're keeping an eye on the chance of tropical development for the week.

  FIRST ALERT: Tropical downpours likely at times today

Tropical moisture will lead to heavy rain across portions of the Grand Strand and Pee Dee. Here's what you need to know on this gloomy Tuesday.

  FIRST ALERT: Rain chances quickly increase this week

Rain chances increase this week as a low pressure system brings cloudy skies, rain chances and breezy winds.

FIRST ALERT: Unsettled pattern returns, showers and storms likely

FIRST ALERT: Tropical Storm Edouard remains out in the Atlantic

  FIRST ALERT: Hot today, rain chances quickly return for new week

FIRST ALERT: Hot and humid tomorrow, showers and storms return next week

FIRST ALERT: Brief tropical depression may form this weekend

FIRST ALERT: Sun, surf and heat this July 4th

  FIRST ALERT: Hot and humid for 4th of July weekend

As the holiday weekend approaches, we are drying out but staying hot and humid.

FIRST ALERT: Drier, hot and humid for July 4th

Hot and humid this week with storms at times.

  Weather Workshop: Red, White & Blue

This week's weather workshop gets creative with red, white and blue.

  FIRST ALERT: Stormy afternoon, drying out for the weekend

Storms continue for the afternoon hours before we dry out for the holiday weekend. Here's your First Alert Forecast to the 4th of July weekend.

  FIRST ALERT: Afternoon storms continue through Thursday

Afternoon showers and storms continue for the next two days with plenty of heat and humidity. We are keeping an eye on some changes that will arrive for the holiday weekend.

Flood advisory issued for portions of Horry County

The National Weather Service in Wilmington has issued a flood advisory for south central Horry County in northeastern South Carolina.

FIRST ALERT: Chance of tropical development remains low

There is a 10% chance of tropical development this week.

  FIRST ALERT: Afternoon storms to bring heavy downpours, gusty winds

Afternoon showers and storms return today along with the continued heat and humidity. Here's what you can expect as we look ahead toward our holiday weekend.

  FIRST ALERT: Unsettled pattern continues with daily storm chances

Another day of showers and storms continues as you begin the new week. That summer heat and humidity will contribute to a strong storm or two in South Carolina today.

FIRST ALERT: Strong storms possible tonight, unsettled weather continues

Strong to severe storms are possible as we continue to head into the rest of this evening across the Grand Strand and Pee Dee.

  FIRST ALERT: Heat continues, storm chances return to the forecast

Showers and storms return to the forecast as the heat and humidity continue for the second half of the weekend.

FIRST ALERT: Air Quality Alert issued for the Grand Strand and Pee Dee

An Air Quality Alert is in effect until 12:00pm Sunday.

  FIRST ALERT: Hot and steamy, summer-like weekend

A hot, humid, and steamy weekend is on the way across the Grand Strand and Pee Dee.

  FIRST ALERT: Hot and hazy through the weekend

Showers and storms are possible tonight through Thursday.

  Weather Workshop - Creating a weather vane

In today’s Weather Workshop, Meteorologists Andrew Dockery and Jessica Dobson show you a simple way to create a weather instrument called a wind vane.

  FIRST ALERT: Scattered showers likely this morning

We’re going to be starting off our Thursday on a wet and soggy note for many of us across the Grand Strand and Pee Dee.

  FIRST ALERT: Hot and humid, a few strong storms possible

Scattered showers and storms will continue today bringing the chance for a strong storm or two.

FIRST ALERT: A few storms at times through Wednesday

Hot and humid weather will continue this week.

  FIRST ALERT: A few strong storms possible today

Showers and storms remain in the forecast throughout the next couple of days. Find out when the best chances are in your First Alert Forecast.

FIRST ALERT: Subtropical Depression 4 forecast to remain a depression

Subtropical Depression 4 has developed

FIRST ALERT: Saharan Dust blowing across the Atlantic

A large plume of Saharan dust is blowing across the Atlantic.

  FIRST ALERT: Turning up the temperature dial, afternoon storm chances continue

Afternoon showers and storms continue with plenty of heat and humidity this week.

FIRST ALERT: Heat and humidity return with showers and storms possible

Our warming trend is set to continue as we head into the start of our next work week.

  FIRST ALERT: Steamy weather with daily storm chances

The heat and humidity will keep it muggy with those daily rain chances.

FIRST ALERT: Summer-like weather continues into next week

The rest of this weekend looks much drier as warmer temperatures settle in across the Grand Strand and Pee Dee.

FIRST ALERT: Feeling like summer for the official start of the season

Warmer weather will return this weekend.

FIRST ALERT: Weekend showers before a big time warm-up

After multiple rounds of rain today, we’ll see a few more showers before a big-time warm-up arrives.

  Weather Workshop: Air Pressure Explained

It's time for another Weather Workshop with Meteorologists Andrew Dockery and Jessica Dobson.

  FIRST ALERT: Mostly dry and warm today, more changes to come

Warmer temperatures with a few hit or miss showers will be possible today across the Grand Strand and Pee Dee.

FIRST ALERT: A few more showers before improvements arrive

Our dreary, cool, and wet pattern will finally start to show some signs of improvement as we grow closer to the weekend.

  TROPICS: Saharan dust expected to move into our area next week

Saharan dust could make it's way into our area by late next week.

  FIRST ALERT: Patchy fog and cloudy skies before changes arrive Thursday

Rain chances continue as we wait for the sunshine to return back to the forecast.

  FIRST ALERT: Another cool, cloudy and rainy day ahead

We're on the cool side of things once again today under mostly cloudy skies, daily rain chances and breezy winds.

FIRST ALERT: Very low risk of tropical development off the SC coast

Slight chance of tropical development off the SC coast.

FIRST ALERT: Unsettled weather continues

Showers and storms will remain likely through Tuesday.

  FIRST ALERT: Widespread showers and storms to start the week

Rain chances are at their highest this week at 80% today with widespread showers and storms expected.

FIRST ALERT: A soggy and unsettled start to our week

We’re expecting and wet and unsettled start to the work week with scattered showers and storms in the forecast over the next several days.

  FIRST ALERT: Cloudy, gloomy and rain chances continue into the new week

Rain chances increase over the next few days with plenty of cloud cover and a gloomy weather pattern.

FIRST ALERT: Spotty showers today, a wet start to next week

More rain is on the way today, but we won’t see widespread showers or a washout.

  FIRST ALERT: Soggy weather continues into this weekend

We’re expecting more rain chances as we wrap up our work week across the Grand Strand and Pee Dee.

  FIRST ALERT: Soggy and unsettled weather continues into the weekend

Off and on rain chances are on the way for the Grand Strand and Pee Dee today.

FIRST ALERT: Showers and storms becoming more likely

Showers and storms will be likely at times through the end of the week.

  Weather Workshop: Storm Surge

This week's Weather Workshop explains how storm surge works and how you can demonstrate this experiment in your home to the kids and students looking to learn about the weather.

  FIRST ALERT: An unsettled end to the week

Warm temperatures continue today with the better potential of shower and thunderstorm activity this afternoon.

  FIRST ALERT: High humidity continues, increasing rain chances this week

The humidity remains high as the rain chances increase through the rest of the week.

  ‘It gets old’: Rosewood residents continue to deal with flooding

The sign on a mailbox in the Rosewood neighborhood says it all. “Yes it’s flooded,” it reads. “This is our neighborhood. Don’t drive through.”

FIRST ALERT: Cristobal weakens to a tropical depression

Cristobal has weakened to a tropical depression this morning.

  FIRST ALERT: Increasing storm chances throughout the new week

Rain chances increase throughout the week as tropical moisture pumps back into the region.

FIRST ALERT: Summer-like warmth and humidity continues

Another warm and humid day is expected across the Grand Strand and Pee Dee tomorrow.

FIRST ALERT: Cristobal to make landfall later today

Update on Tropical Storm Cristobal.

  FIRST ALERT: Warm and steamy pattern continues

Our steamy weather pattern continues with no significant rain in the forecast until the end of the new week.

FIRST ALERT: Summer-like temperatures and pop-up showers today

Another warm and humid, summer-like day is expected across the Grand Strand and Pee Dee.

  S.C. state officials incorporate COVID-19 safety measures into hurricane season preparedness

The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control, the South Carolina Emergency Management Division and members of the State Emergency Response Team are incorporating COVID-19 precautions and procedures into plans for the 2020 hurricane season.

FIRST ALERT: A few storms through the weekend

Rain chances return as the heat and humidity continue to end the week.

FIRST ALERT: Waccamaw River to crest just below major flood stage this weekend

The Waccamaw River is forecast to reach 13.9 feet this weekend.

  FIRST ALERT: Showers and summer-like today

Showers and storms return to the forecast today but don’t expect a washout.

FIRST ALERT: SpaceX rocket launch may be visible this evening

SpaceX rocket launch likely visible this evening.

  FIRST ALERT: Warm and steamy pattern arrives

Look for the increasing heat and humidity for the rest of the week. It's a warm one for those plans.