Kids and adults prepare for flooding at Socastee sandbag collection

Kids and adults prepare for flooding at Socastee sandbag collection

SOCASTEE, SC (WMBF) - A sandbag collection drew hundreds of people at Socastee High School as many are preparing for the imminent flooding from the Waccamaw River.

Some in the crowd had arrived at the high school as early as 8:30 Thursday morning, and by noon as many as 12,000 sandbags had been filled with multiple truck loads dropping off the sand.

A line of cars wrapped around the school and some said there seemed to be a real sense of urgency shown by everyone there. Not just adults, but a ton of kids were at the school to help fill up as many sandbags as possible.

"We've got all the kids from the high school here, even the elementary school kids are here, we've got cub scouts and girl scout units that have been coming, it's just been really great having the community pitch in and come together to prepare for the upcoming flooding, it's been wonderful," said Katie Becker

Joe Saffron another volunteer helping to load sand. He said, "People down this way are in a world of hurt we've been shoveling sand and bags since 8:30 this morning, we just made a delivery to some homes." Saffron lives in Carolina Forest and got word there was a need. "For whatever this is worth the people who have been through this before said they'll take five bags to do their showers, drains, toilet tanks and to keep the water from back flushing into my house," said Saffron.

The group of people are making sure others don't feel alone ahead of the river levels rising. "This has been really fantastic. A really faithful feeling, I love seeing the community come together," Becker added.

To keep everyone going, Becker added, "We're handing out pizzas, hot dogs all kinds of chips water soda, trying to keep everyone energized and hydrated."

Seth McKinney, a Socastee High School student and football player took multiple loads of sand back and forth from the school. "We get the sand load it on the trailer then we find houses that need sand and we go there unload and just talk to the people and help them out with anything they need and anything they need us to do we do it for them. Then we come back get another load and get out and do the same thing," explained McKinney.

When asked why McKinney is lending a hand. He said, "The community has helped us so much supporting us throughout the year, every Friday coming to games as far out as Sumter, out in Columbia. Yesterday there was 60 or 70 people but now it's just awesome to see this today."

Saffron added, "There's a lot of hard working people out there today and god bless everybody."

The Horry County Police Department was also there, officers said they heard there was a need so they showed up to help monitor things and to direct traffic in and out of the high school.

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