'Long time coming:' RIDE III projects underway

RIDE III projects underway

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – RIDE III projects are making progress, although the projects aren't quite as the stage of heavy equipment and turning dirt.

The county put up signs marking the future work for the projects in places like Carolina Forest Boulevard, Postal Way, and Palmetto Pointe Boulevard.

"There are all kinds of roads now you'll see little engineering stakes on with little stakes in the ground with flags on them and all that's when we're out there doing design work," said Horry County Councilman Johnny Vaught.

Site work is taking place in places like Carolina Forest Boulevard to clear land and make room for utility relocation.

"All we're having to do now is to delineate where that right of way goes. And say, 'OK, do we have utilities located in this right of way?' If so, were going to have to figure that into design," said Vaught.

There are 14 projects altogether. You can track the progress by clicking here.

John Scott lives down the street from Carolina Forest Boulevard and says during the morning and afternoon when school gets in and out it causes a nightmare for traffic. He thinks the widening has been a long time coming and is looking forward to the work getting done.

Vaught said he thinks Highway 501 widening is the most important.

"Because of the parking lot it has become in the last few years and because it's the main exit out of myrtle beach if we get into storm situations," he said.

Scott agrees. "That's the road that people see coming in and out of Myrtle Beach. When they're in traffic for an hour getting from the north end of Conway down to the city it kind of frustrates them."

Vaught said with the RIDE III projects, the county can work on them simultaneously, which is different from before. Some of the other RIDE projects had limitations so you couldn't start one if another wasn't complete yet.

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