NC man arrested, accused of sending threatening texts to women after rejections

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – A North Carolina man accused of sending a number of women threatening text messages since the middle of May has been arrested by North Myrtle Beach police.

Online records from the J. Reuben Long Detention Center state 28-year-old John Robert Snow, of Elkin, N.C., was taken into custody shortly after 12:30 p.m. Wednesday and charged with unlawful use of a telephone.

He remained in jail as of 4:20 p.m. on a $1,000 bond.

A number of incident reports from the North Myrtle Beach Department of Public Safety highlight several instances of the suspect allegedly sending harassing text messages to women he passed his number to.

On May 14, a woman told authorities she found a note on her car that had the name John Snow and a phone number on it, along with a message to contact him.

"(The woman) sent a text to the number thinking that the note was from a friend who may want to hook up," an incident report stated. "After a series of text message exchanges and a picture of Mr. Snow, (the woman) decided she did not want to hook up with Mr. Snow and stopped responding to his text."

By the next day, the woman reportedly received a text from a different number that read, "Leave Tillman beach and racket club and go home or find somewhere else to stay. If you do not leave I will (expletive) your car up while you are sleeping," according to the report.

Police responded to a second incident on June 16, when a woman stated she was checking out at the Boulineaus IGA in the Cherry Grove area when the suspect, working at the store as a bagger, allegedly slipped his number into her bag of groceries, according to authorities.

The woman said she started talking to a guy, who identified himself as John Snow. Eventually, she said he started to scare her and she blocked the number. The suspect allegedly started texting her from another number, saying he knew where she worked and "will come mess up her car," the report stated.

According to managers at the grocery store, it was known he had been trying to talk to several customers and get one to date him, police said.

Then, on July 2, North Myrtle Beach police were called after a man said the suspect came up to him about needing someone to talk to.

The man said he found a counselor behind McDonald's in North Myrtle Beach and drove the suspect there and an appointment was made. He then was taking Snow back to Boulineaus, but eventually drove him to Sea Coast Hospital for a mental evaluation following statements that didn't make sense, the report stated.

On July 3, police were notified that Snow had reportedly snuck past hospital security and left the area on foot.

Then, on July 18, police received a call about threats. They went to a home on 21st Avenue North in North Myrtle Beach and spoke with a man, who said a note was left on his wife's car on June 23 that had the suspect's name and a phone number.

The man told police he contacted the suspect and told him to leave his wife alone. The woman said she has never known a John Snow.

Police were called on July 18 because the wife said she was at home when an unknown black SUV pulled into their driveway, an incident report stated. A neighbor reportedly saw the person get out of the vehicle, go into the woman's backyard and then leave "in a hurry," according to police.

She believed the man in the SUV was Snow.

Two incidents are said to have happened on Aug. 16 at the Walmart at 550 North U.S. 17 in North Myrtle Beach.

In the first, a man told police he was inside the door with his two daughters. The oldest, 22, was approached by the suspect, who gave him his name and phone number on a piece of paper, according to a police report.

The woman reportedly became uncomfortable and walked away. According to her father, the suspect became angry and started following her around the store.

Police spoke with the suspect, who allegedly said he did give the young woman the note, and that she rejected the offer.

"He stated he does not take rejection well so he got angry about it and may have said 'some things,'" the police report stated.

The second incident at Walmart on Aug. 16 involved a woman who went to buy school supplies for her children. After realizing she left the list in her car, she went back out to the parking lot to get it. There, she reportedly heard a man's voice ask "Are you following me?" a North Myrtle Beach incident report stated.

At that point, the woman said "no" and the suspect reportedly said she was very pretty, and asked if he could give her his phone number.

The woman said she didn't have her phone with her to take his number, prompting Snow to ask for her number, which she gave, according to the report. That night, she reportedly got a text that stated, "Hey this is jon we met at wal Mart today J." She told police she didn't respond.

On Aug. 17, the woman reportedly got another text from a different phone number that stated "I have been watching you every [sic] since you left wal Mart because I figured you would pull some fake s***. Either talk to me or I will make you pay for leading me on," according to authorities.

That same day, law enforcement received another complaint about the suspect, alleging Snow put his telephone number in a woman's shopping bag while she was at Boulineau's at some point between late May and early June.

The woman eventually realized after a few conversations that Snow was much older than her and wanted sexual relations, so she told him not to contact her anymore. He allegedly kept sending her messages, threatening to damage her vehicle and come to her work, the report stated.

Police took a final report on Aug. 20 from a woman who said she exchanged numbers with the suspect while working at an ice cream shop on Aug. 15. Two days later, he allegedly came to her job and attempted to talk with her while "acting creepy."

The woman became uncomfortable and had her supervisor ask him to leave the property, according to the report. He became angry and allegedly started sending some "very vulgar and inappropriate text messages."

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