Dog rescued after found emaciated with head stuck in a coffee can

Dog found in Georgetown County emaciated, with coffee can over head continues recovery

GEORGETOWN COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - A female dog is recovering after being found in the woods with a Maxwell Coffee can stuck on her head, and her ears full of ticks.

Starving and short of breath, a woman said she found the dog near her home in the Pleasant Hill community of Georgetown County.

"She showed up over the weekend in my backyard with a coffee can stuck tightly on her head, and she could barely breathe," Lauren Cribb, the woman who found the dog, said.

Cribb said she pulled the coffee can off and the dog, who she calls 'Mama Dog,' ran back into the woods. The Georgetown County woman put out food and water for Mama Dog, and the animal kept coming back.

Mama Dog let Cribb catch her Tuesday.

After posting pictures of Mama Dog and the story to the "Lost Pets of Horry/Georgetown Counties" Facebook page, Cribb received an outpouring of people wanting to help, she said.

Cribb took the starving dog to the Grand Strand Humane Society Tuesday for help and, hopefully, a future adoption after regaining her health.

It appears Mama Dog recently had puppies. Cribb said she drove around and listened in the woods for them, but heard nothing. She believes Mama Dog was lost or thrown out.

Cribb said she's happy to get her help and was touched by the community's support. She added the experience has been an eye opener to not feed dogs in coffee cans or bags.

According to Cribb, food remnants were inside the coffee can when she pulled it off the starving dog.

Jess Wnuk, director of the Grand Strand Humane Society, said Mama Dog is currently at the shelter, high heartworm positive, battling skin issues and has every bone showing.

"But, she couldn't be sweeter," Wnuk said.

She added that Mama Dog is well loved already, and is looking forward to the day she recovers her health and finds a family of her own.

Wnuk said it's hard to tell whether she was abandoned or is a stray in poor condition, but nonetheless her temperament makes her a future family dog.

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