CCU completes pre-season practices with padded scrimmage

CCU Wraps Scrimmage

Conway, SC (WMBF) - CCU got it jumping for practice today.

Big collisions on the field brought Chants to their feet on the sidelines, but it's excitement Head Coach Joe Moglia wants no part of with the season opener two weeks away.

"I hope they're not even thinking about the big game. I think they better just do a good job with what we have going on in practice," he says.

Surprisingly, the focus level of the team is on point through all the fatigue. It's something Moglia has been working on with them from the start.

"I think the guys need to understand with everything we do is literally about concentration and focus. We call it combat mindset," says the 6th year coach. "It's an intense focus in terms of what's going on so at least when the ball is snapped to when the time the whistle blows, that's five seconds. In that five seconds, we have to get eleven guys to be able to execute as one without mistakes."

A bright spot on the day was the depth of the Quarterback position. Meanwhile, the depth chart is still open to change.

"We're going to take a good look at the film today and then review all personnel on Monday. That'll be when we really talk about who should be moving up and moving down potentially as far as the depth chart goes. If there's a surprise or two, we'll have that discussion."

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