SC man faces federal charges for allegedly selling drugs that caused woman’s death

Updated: Aug. 16, 2018 at 4:01 PM EDT
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MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - A Myrtle Beach man federally indicted for selling drugs the FBI says caused the death of a woman will be arraigned later this month.

James Latron Sumter has been charged with conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute cocaine and heroin, the use of which resulted in serious bodily injury or death. He faces 20 years to life if he's convicted of the crime. An arraignment hearing is set for Aug. 22.

An affidavit claims Sumter, known as "T," sold cocaine and heroin to Kathleen Capra, and was with her and another man before she overdosed on the drugs and died.

Another man, Charles Rayford Hunt, was charged in connection to Capra's death after he confessed to authorities he dumped the woman's body across state lines.

The affidavit said Hunt, who was an Uber driver at the time, met Capra when she requested a ride on Dec. 27, 2017. The two exchanged numbers and Capra called him again the next day.

Hunt picked Capra up and took her to his home, where they watched TV and had sex, according to court documents. He then took the woman home after a period of time.

It wasn't until the next day when Sumter's involvement started.

Capra contacted Hunt and asked if he could obtain drugs for her. He then reportedly called Sumter. The three of them met and exchanged cash for drugs. Then, Hunt, with Capra in the car, took Sumter to a Myrtle Beach pub.

"Capra specifically wanted $100.00 worth of cocaine and heroin," court documents stated, which also detailed text messages between Hunt and Sumter.

"A half a g of girl and a lil food…She got a bill but I need something out of it," Hunt messaged Sumter.

FBI Special Agent Todd Richards said he believed Hunt was asking Sumter for half a gram of "girl," which is code for cocaine and "food," or "dog food," which is code for heroin.

Richards said the texts also reflected that Hunt wanted to be paid something, either money or drugs, for his efforts of putting Capra and Sumter together.

Hunt took Capra back to his home, where she ingested the drugs, the affidavit alleged. A few minutes later, Capra started to fall asleep.

"Hunt did not feel that he could bring Capra home in the condition that she was in, so he put her in the back of his car and…and once again, picked up Sumter," court documents said.

The three traveled to another Myrtle Beach bar, but Capra was left in the vehicle "sleeping and snoring loudly," while Hunt and Sumter went inside.

When they returned to the car, Hunt told authorities Capra was still asleep in the back seat. Hunt then dropped Sumter off at another location.

It was after that, while driving around for a while, Hunt noticed Capra had stopped breathing. He later told authorities he pulled over on Highway 31 to attempt to revive her.  When she didn't wake up, Hunt panicked, according to court documents, and drove toward North Carolina.

The affidavit said Hunt dumped Capra's body in the area of Highway 908 in Columbus County, N.C., in the early morning hours of Dec. 30, 2017.

Text messages revealed Hunt attempted to contact Sumter after dumping Capra's body, but Sumter refused to respond to Hunt, the affidavit claimed.

"Hunt stated that he called Sumter and told Sumter that Capra was gone, at which time Sumter hung up and would not return Hunt's later calls," court documents said.

The FBI special agent said he believed Sumter and Hunt conspired to distribute, and distributed, a quantity of cocaine and heroin to Capra, which she ingested, causing her to overdose and die.

"Additionally, based on the facts above, I believe that Sumter continues to engage in the distribution of illegal narcotics," court documents alleged.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Everett McMaillian said the government will also rely on a prior conviction of Sumter's to enhance his possible sentence if he's convicted.

In September 2011, Sumter was convicted of manufacturing and possession of other controlled substance in schedule I, II, II, with intent to distribute. He was sentenced to two years suspended on service of seven days and 18 months' probation, according to court documents.

The full affidavit can be read below:

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