Restaurant Scorecard: Excessive flies and mold in kitchens this week

Restaurant Scorecard: Excessive flies and mold in kitchens this week

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Excessive flies were found in one kitchen, while mold was discovered in another.

From fine dining to donuts, we've got your dining details covered in this week's Restaurant Scorecard.

Marco Polo also goes by Coco Cabana, where they serve up pizza and pasta at 513 N. Ocean Blvd., in Myrtle Beach. State inspectors gave them 62 out of 100 recently, taking off points for employees not washing their hands after handling raw chicken and then performing other tasks, and workers eating and handling money and not washing their hands before handling ready-to-eat foods.

The report said a deflector plate inside the ice machine had black mold buildup and a slicer had food accumulation build up from the previous day. Inspectors noted that chemicals were stored on top of a meat slicer and they found cooked containers of chicken wings stored on the floor.

A follow-up inspection earned them a 92, with the slicer and freezer issues still present.

Magnolias At 26th is described as a low-key American diner serving burgers, sandwiches, and a buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You'll find it at 2605 N. Ocean Blvd., in Myrtle Beach. Inspectors recently gave it a 78, taking off points for the excessive presence of flies throughout the kitchen.

They said food was stored at improper temperatures and an employee was seen buttering ready-to-eat toast with their bare hands, according to the report. Inspectors also noted that meat was improperly thawing in standing water and opened boxes of food were stored on the floor inside the walk-in freezer.

A follow-up inspection earned the spot a 99, missing a point for the lack of a consumer advisory on undercooked foods on menus. That's scheduled to be fixed by September.

Dunkin' Donuts at 9700 N. Kings Hwy., in Myrtle Beach scored an 80. Inspectors listed a hand sink in the back area that was blocked by a trash can and a step ladder, while spray bottles were stored in the sink and money was stored on a small prep table in the back where donuts are being filled or iced.

Additionally, there were no dates observed on precooked eggs and sausage in the back cooler, and trays of eggs and sausage were portioned up with no date mark.

Looking for fine dining? From tuna tartare to filet, Greg Norman's Australian Grille is serving it up at 4930 U.S. 17 South in North Myrtle Beach. Inspectors recently gave them an 84, taking off points for what they say was mildew observed on an ice chute and the roof of an ice bin.

They also said some food was stored at improper temperatures, while carbon and grease accumulation was found on the underside of a shelf at the stove. A follow-up inspection was scheduled for this week.

Remember, each spot should have their letter grade posted. If you don't see it, just ask.

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