FIRST ALERT: National Weather Service classifies waterspout as EF-0 tornado

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Our skycam captured a waterspout that developed just offshore Myrtle Beach Monday.

While they form in different ways, a waterspout that moves ashore is classified as a tornado.

According to the National Weather Service, the event will go into official records as an EF-0 tornado, with wind gusts estimated at no more than 65 mph. A waterspout moved onshore near the 900 block of Ocean Boulevard. The 15-yard wide funnel proceeded on shore for about 100 yards before dissipating. There was no damage to structures, but umbrellas and chairs were tossed into the air.

Jacqueline Hobbs said at first it was hard for her to tell what it was. "It kind of looked like a jet flew through there," she said, "We noticed some water spray. We watched it move across here and then it hit the land and kind of curved here and dissipated when it moved across the buildings, but it was really cool to see."

Some witnesses say it seemed like it lasted about 20 minutes before it disappeared.

"It changed shapes a few times. Just the top of it. It started off real broad and then got real narrow like it was picking up speed or something," said Bobby Hobbs, "Then it got faster on the coast and it got over here and I figured it would dissipate before it got to land but it just kept going."

There are red flag conditions along the strand Monday for rough surf.

Conditions will be favorable for additional isolated waterspouts this afternoon and again on Tuesday.  Make sure to download the First Alert Weather App to keep up with the latest round of storms:

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