Vacationing couple photographs supposed 'Grey Man' ghost on SC beach

Vacationing couple photographs supposed 'Grey Man' ghost

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - A picture taken by a couple vacationing along the Grand Strand seems to show a ghostly figure walking down a pier in the Cherry Grove community.

"I'm not sure what it is," said Johnny Cobb, one of the members of the group who took the photo. "I'm not saying it is a ghost, I'm not saying it's not a ghost. It's strange."

The picture was posted to the WMBF News Facebook page and received skeptical reviews. Over 200 people have already shared the photo and given their two cents.

"I guess people believe what they want to believe," said Cobb.

He added he couldn't see anything on the pier when he took the photo but it appeared in the frame after the picture was completed.

Mike Neff is a storyteller for the Brentwood Ghost Tours, a tour through the Brentwood Restaurant and Wine Bistro in Little River.

Brentwood is home to multiple "strange happenings" and many claim it is haunted.

"Spirits can be here for a few reasons," Neff said. "They could be here because they have some unfinished business and they want to try and get a message around. They are here to tell their loved ones that they're OK or they just like being here rather than crossing over."

Neff tells legends about well-known spirits who call the Grand Strand home.

Alice Flagg is a spirit who was separated from her lover and died of a broken heart, according to Neff.

"Rumor has it if you go to her grave and basically walk around it six times, touch the 'A' and leave a token of appreciation, she will grant any wish," said Neff. "If you do it at midnight she will appear."

The legend of the Grey Man is what has some worried about the most recent supposed ghost sighting.

"The Grey Man shows up for hurricanes. When there's going to be a hurricane to hit the coast many people go down to the beach and they see the Grey Man walking the coasts," Neff said. "It's another one of those legends that many people have seen."

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