TPC Myrtle Beach invests in bunker drainage system

TPC Bunker Renovations

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Golfers hate to play from the bunker but soon it won't be as bad.

Thanks to a new drainage system, playing conditions after rough weather are more enjoyable. It's called the Better Billy Bunker. Here's how it works.

During rain storms, the falling water creates a landslide effect on the slope of the bunker, forcing more of the sand and water into the center. This makes play there difficult. It takes hours of course maintenance to fix the damage from just an inch or two of rainfall.

A layer of pea gravel accelerates drainage, preventing the sand and water from gathering at the center of the bunker.

"The main purpose of the project was to make it more playable, with a player-friendly sand that's much more consistent throughout the golf course," said Clay Dubose, the superintendent of Founders Group International. "We started talking about it in the fall of last year. We did the two chip and green bunkers up here in December of last year to see how they would react to some rains."

The project costs about $1.50 per square foot, a significant investment from FGI to TPC Myrtle Beach.

"We are very glad and excited they're putting money back into our properties to enhance the golfer's experience and we've got a long list of capital items down the line we're looking at doing," Dubose said. "We want to be the front runner in Myrtle Beach golf."

More than 600 courses around the U.S. and Europe use this system. Only two in Myrtle Beach have invested in the project: TPC and the Dunes Club.

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