Restaurant Scorecard: Flies in kitchens, but near-perfect scores at rib joint and bistro

Restaurant Scorecard: flies in kitchens, but near perfect scores at rib joint and bistro

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - From moldy food and flies in the drain and kitchen, to near-perfect scores at a rib joint and an Asian bistro, we've got your dining details covered in this week's Restaurant Scorecard.

Empire Fire Mongolian Grill is at 4036 U.S. 17 South in North Myrtle Beach. Department of Health and Environmental Control inspectors gave the spot a 61 out of 100 points, citing unrecognizable molded foods molded in a walk-in cooler. Their report also said a food item was observed in a cooler with the presence of gnats. A follow-up inspection the next day resulted in a score of 83. Another inspection is scheduled for next week.

Landmark Gazebo Restaurant is at 1501 S. Ocean Blvd., in Myrtle Beach at the Landmark Resort. Known to serve breakfast and dinner year-round, inspectors gave it a 79. They took off points for drain flies seen around the dish machine and the mop sink, and also resting on cutting boards, around the bar area, and in the dry storage/walk-in freezer area downstairs.

Inspectors also reported cooked chicken wings with a date marking of June 3. Pre-cooked sausage with a discard date of July 2 was also seen. Also, a mop sink was seen with standing water that was not draining, according to the DHEC report.

The Denny's at 800 S. Kings Hwy., in Myrtle Beach scored 83 out of 100. Inspectors say they found food with a discard date of July 5 and diced onions in the walk-in that had a discard date of July 3.

Residential bug spray was seen in the facility, while vents had mold and dust build-up. The floor on the cook line had loose tiles and was oozing water. Inspectors also noted that all cook line equipment had dried food debris.

Driftwoods Seafood and Steak is at 10799 S.C. 707 in Murrells Inlet. Inspectors gave them an 89 at a recent inspection, noting that flies were seen throughout the kitchen. Also, there were no time stamps for items stored in ice, while the outside garbage areas were reportedly dirty with debris and garbage.

Carolina Tavern is at 852 Mall Drive in Murrells Inlet, near the Inlet Square Mall. The wing and rib joint also serves up seafood and burgers. Inspectors gave the restaurant a 96, taking off four points recently because they said fryer baskets had a crusty accumulation.

They also said they noticed a bare wooden panel on a wall under a table, and a hole in the wall under a beer tap. Managers said those are items they will fix.

E Noodles & Co. is at 400 20th Ave. South in Myrtle Beach. It's known as an Asian bistro set in a casual atmosphere.

On the menu you'll find everything from duck and Mongolian beef to pad Thai. Inspectors gave them a near-perfect 99, taking of a point for an improper sanitizing solution.

Remember, each spot should have their letter grade posted. If you don't see it, just ask.

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