Myrtle Beach Mutiny relate to World Cup

Myrtle Beach Mutiny Soccer Team and the World Cup

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - As the world's best compete on soccer's biggest stage, millions passionately watch from around the world, including some of the best players the Premier Development League has to offer from the Myrtle Beach Mutiny.

"I'm from Birmingham in England. It's about two hours north of London." Carlton McKenzie is rooting for England in the World Cup.

"On paper, we should do the job," he says. "We should reach the next stage, but you never know with an English team." They'd lose to Belgium today one to zero.

"I'm from Portugal," says Joao Delgado. So you know which star player he's rooting for.

"Of course, having a player like Ronaldo, it helps a lot because he's a star," he says. "He's one of the best players in the World, but if we don't have a team that works hard, we're not winning any games."

Yuta Yamamoto is from Japan. "I think we are very humble but we're too humble sometimes in the game," Yamamoto says. "It just doesn't turn out to be good."

A controversial win propelled Japan to eliminate Senegal. No team to speak of for American Jose Santos, but he explains how the USA could do more to be relevant in the sport.

"It just starts from a young age," he said. "For example, bring up more academies for kids when they're young and give them a chance to play soccer before they go out and try to play football or basketball. It starts at a young age and it just goes from there."

The next game for the Mutiny is this Saturday vs. Lionsbridge FC. With the defending World Cup Champion out, the Mutiny and the rest of the fans are curious who will step up. Right now, according to USA Today, bookmakers have Spain as the favorite to win it all.

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