Coastal Adaptive takes biking to new level

Coastal Adaptive takes biking to new level
One group is giving everyone the opportunity to bike.

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - What normally is an environment surrounded by fierce competition has turned into a night of simplicity.

Coastal Adaptive Sports is giving individuals the chance to be outdoors doing what many take for granted, which is riding a bike.

"We wanted to share that with individuals who might not be able to cycle on their own," said Luke Sharp, of Coastal Adaptive Sports.

People like Amanda Range's daughter who suffers from Rett Syndrome, which brings a life full of adjustments. It also brings a lot of questions.

"What is she like? What can she do ... what she enjoys doing," Range says. "Just figuring out how to incorporate that into every day life."

So how does someone who can't ride actually ride?

"We've modified bicycles so we can sometimes ride tandem," Sharp says. "Depending on the level of disability, we have a bike that would work for that person."

"We get to actually go and do something," Range said. "She gets to be outside, and not just at the park with me walking behind her. She gets to be around people who are more like her, and are so incredibly sweet and talk to her."

Range says Coastal Adaptive is now family. If you'd like to get involved, they meet at North Myrtle Beach Sports Complex and ride every Thursday.

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