Consider This: Plastic bag ban was a positive decision

Updated: Jun. 5, 2018 at 5:00 PM EDT
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A plastic bag ban is now in effect in Surfside Beach.  What seemed to be a controversial decision when town leaders voted for the ban back in January is now a positive and successful decision that will hopefully be just the beginning.

Several business owners were opposed to the ban, which is understandable. Change is hard.  But, it seems, the transition has been smooth, and the feedback is very positive from customers.

Plastic pollution has a huge impact on the environment and we see it every day here in the Grand Strand. Along the beach, plastic bags and bottles are left in the sand and wash up every day.  What's interesting is that the next target for many cities and companies: plastic straws, with a ban already in effect in some beach towns.

Consider This:  The forward thinking and action taken by Surfside leaders is admirable, and I challenge other city leaders along the Grand Strand to start looking at this issue.

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