Deal Diva: Clear the closet and stack the money

Deal Diva: Clear the closet and stack the money
First Alert Meteorologist Marla Branson opens up her closet and allows a professional organizer to tackle her clustered quarters. (Source: WMBF News)
First Alert Meteorologist Marla Branson opens up her closet and allows a professional organizer to tackle her clustered quarters. (Source: WMBF News)

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Are you living in clutter? Has disorganization taken over your home?

According to professional organizers, many of us are wasting money because we're not organized. The Deal Diva shows us how getting a little organization in some of the rooms in our homes can spell out savings.

Wasting money buying duplicate items and losing items because they're misplaced are just a couple of ways we waste hundreds of dollars each year. Now, a professional organizer is helping us get our homes and our wallets in order.

It's the closet of all closets, filled with lots of clothes, rows of dresses, shirts, skirts and piles of shoes, all just existing in its own space. Most of it you don't wear, don't like it or just forgot all about it.

Andrew Gagliano, professional organizer and owner of Ace of Space Organization, says it happens because we live in society that feeds on our impulse to buy.

"We see a deal and want to buy it," said Gagliano.

She says that can often lead to wasteful buying. The flip side is getting your home organized can really save you money.

"You have mental inventory of what you have, you've held everything, you know what you have, and it's going to enable you to make good purchases," Gagliano said. "How can you really go out and shop well if you don't know what you really have in your house? So, it will keep you from making those extra purchases."

She is our go-to lady to get us prepared as we walk out the door each day. Many of us see First Alert Meteorologist Marla Branson styled to perfection when she gives her First Alert Forecast but to get this every morning, she has to go through her closet.

Gagliano steps up to help Marla turn her clustered quarter into a more efficient space that will hopefully save her time and money. One part is the process of elimination - getting rid of the items you don't need or use.

"Get all of your items, categorize them and get rid of everything that you don't want or need. After you do this, you can sell your items and that's a service that I provide for all my clients. There are online methods, there are local consignment methods, and now not only are you starting to save money, you are starting to make money," said Gagliano.

Marla has a small budget window, between $50 to $75, to get the her closet in order, so they make use of some containers and boxes Marla already had in her home.

It's a nearly two-day process, but finally it's done. Gagliano says she threw out all of Marla's old hangers and replaced them with new ones to give a more consistent look. She says she purchased 10 Walmart brand hangers for $1.97.

For all of Marla's jewelry, she re-purposed some shower hooks to give her an easily accessible showcase while saving space. She also added a new door mirror, putting Marla's spending at $65.

Don't be confined to a closet. Gagliano says you can organize toy rooms, garages, laundry rooms, any space to make it more efficient for you.

"You've created an environment for yourself; it's an atmosphere filled with positive things and it should be a place that makes you happy. A lot of times the unnecessary spending is done to fill a void that's now filled by this beautiful environment," Gagliano said.

If you would like to know more tips to help you get your home organized visit the Ace of Space Organization website.

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