Restaurant Scorecard: Whole chickens without documentation, expired food and a perfect score this week

Restaurant Scorecard: Whole chickens without documentation, expired food and a perfect score this week

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - We've got your dining details covered in this week's restaurant scorecard.

Wango Tango Sports bar serves lunch and dinner seven days a week. It's now known as Sangrias Restaurant and Bar at 1200 Highway 17 South in North Myrtle Beach. State health inspectors gave the spot a 70 out of 100. They said whole chickens were stored in a container in a cooler with no documentation of approved source. In the report, the staff said the chickens were for personal consumption. An onion and knife were stored on the edge of a sink, and bottled beer stored in a serving ice bin. In addition, personal purses were stored with single service items. A follow-up inspection resulted in a score of 90. 

If you're looking for 24 hours of breakfast, Waffle House might be on your list. The location at 711 Frontage Road in Myrtle Beach got 78 points out of 100 at their most recent inspection. They lost points for an employee they say wasn't washing hands between tasks after handling raw meats. They also reported waffle batter had exceeded its seven day discard date and was not properly discarded. Ceiling tiles also had thick dust build up, bottoms of reach-in coolers had pools of food accumulation and build-up of grease and grime on ends of cooking equipment. There was also grease build up under a make top grill and a floor dish machine had a pool of standing water.  A follow-up inspection resulted in a score of 98 

Original Shucker's Raw Bar is at 300 North Kings Highway in Myrtle Beach. It earned an 83. Inspectors say shell tags for oysters were not observed with the shelled oysters in the walk-in cooler. A wet cloth was observed under a cutting board and not stored in a correct sanitizer. Baskets were used as strainers observed stored down in oysters and shrimp. A plastic condiment cup and a plastic cup was seen being used as a scoop in corn meal. A spoon handle was seen being stored down in the spinach dip. They also reported ice build-up in a freezer.

If you're looking for pizza, Athens Pizza serves up pies as well as Greek food, with more than 30 years in the business, according to their website. It's located at 5419 Dick Pond Road in Myrtle Beach. A follow-up inspection gave them a perfect 100, up from a previous score of 92 earlier this month. Remember, each spot should have their letter grade posted. If you don't see it, just ask.

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