Windsor Green hero honored at Pelicans game

Windsor Green Hero honored at Pelicans game
Updated: May. 2, 2018 at 11:39 PM EDT
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MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Under clear spring skies, hundreds filed in for a baseball game at Field Wednesday night.

Each fan had a different story to tell. For one Carolina Forest family, theirs is a fiery nightmare that took place the night of April 12 at the Windsor Green condo complex.

That night, 16-year-old Blake Cannon was one of the heroes in action, running over to the burning building next to his to catch a toddler from a third-floor balcony.

"They just said they needed help to catch the baby, so I just did it," Cannon said. "If I didn't, what would they have done?

The Pelicans recognized Cannon and young Cade at tonight's game, catching once again. This time, the first pitch came from 3-year-old Cade.

Cade's father, Brian Alewine, recalled the moment he dropped Cade and his oldest son, Jace, three stories in an effort to save their lives.

"I told Jace when I dropped him, 'I love you,' and luckily we got out," Alewine said. "We had some injuries, but they'll heal."

The opportunity to heal is thanks to the efforts of Cannon.

A soft-spoken man, he was brief on his response to those who call him a hero.

"Thank you," Cannon said.

"He is a hero," said his parents, Joey and Candice LaFond. "He went over there not to catch a baby, but he went over there to watch the firefighters put out the fire, and dropped his grilled cheese sandwich, went into action and didn't hesitate."

Everyone continues to recover from their injuries, including Cade's mom, who remains in the hospital. She is hoping to be released next Tuesday.

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