Blue Angel missing from Sunday's performance is accounted for, organizer says

Blue Angel missing from Sunday's performance is accounted for, organizer says

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – A few eagle-eyed Blue Angels fans noticed something unusual at the end of Sunday's performance. We asked Blue Angels officials and air show organizers about the mystery of the sixth Blue Angel, which didn't land along with the others during Sunday's Wings Over Myrtle Beach Air Show.

Chief Chat Pritt with U.S. Navy Public Affairs provided this explanation:

4 and 5 suffered minor maintenance issues during the demonstration. 5 landed and immediately rejoined the formation in our spare, #7 jet. As 5 had the spare, when 4 landed he could not rejoin the demonstration.

Rob Skelton, the Operation Director JLC Air Show Management and a former Thunderbird pilot, confirmed all planes were safe and accounted fore.

"Sometimes the airplanes get short on gas particularly if they are two- seater," Skelton said. "There are other issues that make the plane lands early. Having been a former Thunderbird we would have that typically sometimes during shows. All of those airplanes left. They are all safe. They are all accounted for. It does happen from time to time. It is a little bit of a noticeable thing to the show. Again it does happen from time to time but did not impact show nothing from a safety standpoint all."

In fact, proof that all the planes got home safe was posted by the Facebook page for Pensacola Vibes – their video shows all Blue Angels screaming overhead as they returned to their home base in Pensacola Sunday night.

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