'He said he was a bad man:' Victim statements reveal allegations against now-deceased former Horry Co. detective

'He said he was a bad man:' Victim statements reveal allegations against now-deceased former Horry Co. detective
Former Horry County detective Allen Large died Wednesday, Jan. 10, 2018, from natural causes.
Former HCPD detective Allen Large gives a deposition regarding lawsuits against him in 2016. (Source: Southern Reporting)
Former HCPD detective Allen Large gives a deposition regarding lawsuits against him in 2016. (Source: Southern Reporting)
Now former Detective Allen Large speaking to WMBF News in 2013 interview. (Source: WMBF News)
Now former Detective Allen Large speaking to WMBF News in 2013 interview. (Source: WMBF News)

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – On Thursday, WMBF News obtained hundreds of pages of documents related to the case of former Horry County Police Detective Allen Large from the State Law Enforcement Division (SLED).

For the first time, these documents provide the words of the women Large is accused of mistreating, coercing, and in some instances, even raping, from the statements they made to Horry County Police and SLED. He's even accused of trying to recruit crime victims to participate in fetish videos involving "catfighting" in North Carolina.

Large died a few months ago on January 10, before any of his criminal charges could be prosecuted, however there are still some civil lawsuits pending against him.

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Large was indicted on September 16, 2016. That is the day WMBF News submitted a formal Freedom of Information Act request for documents related to this indictment. The documents were released on April 19, 2018.

WARNING: Some may find these descriptions a bit graphic.

This voluntary statement made by one of his accusers was given to SLED in November of 2015:

"Allen Large was assigned my rape case and offer [sic] to help me feel better bout myself. We then started to go out to eat and he gave me money. He also wanted me to fight other girls for money in a sexual way… He told me I deserved more than I had and I was special. He wanted to take care of me.

"We would talk and text all day and when he came to see me he was in his detective car all the time. All the times we had oral sex with in the county car as well. Just to get away from my in-law he paid for my hotel at the Econo Lodge on 501 by the Tanger Outlets. He then gave me oral sex and we went out to eat the next day. He came to the room with his gun and badge, he put the gun under the mattress."

In this statement, made in December of 2015, another of Large's accusers stated to SLED:

"Allen Large came to my house a lot. He would tell me all the things a women [sic] wants to hear like 'your [sic] beautiful'… I never wanted to have sex with him, but as me being an addict with no job, I accepted what I could get from him.

Another victim claimed in a statement to police in July 2015 that Large implied that if she did not recruit women to catfight, then he would keep her from seeing her children.

The statement reads, in part:

"He picked me up, talking about me catfighting again, asking have I found any interested girls. I kept being told you do this for me, and I'll help you. I love my kids, and miss them so much.

"So I kind of played along. He said friends do things for each other. I asked every girl I know, scared that if I didn't, he wouldn't help me with my kids."

Another victim's statement was given in January 2016. She detailed her history of domestic violence and how she became acquainted with Large because he was working her case.

She said even from the beginning Large was very flirtatious with her and that things got weird very quickly when he started asking for sex.

According to the voluntary statement, the woman claimed she was scared:

"He was the police; he was who sent me to my divorce attorney and he was the law. Who was I supposed to tell?"

She said she was able to keep the sexual stuff at bay at first. Then, she claimed she traveled to North Carolina with Large to participate in a catfight with another woman.

Large reportedly got into her car wearing his badge and gun. She says on the way, they stopped at a Walmart, where he bought some blueberry vodka and what she later learned was a white "wife beater" tank top and a g-string.

The woman goes on to say they went to a motel, where she claims Large tried to have sex with her and she refused.

She says when they arrived at the site where the catfight was supposed to happen, there was another girl and another officer.

According to the woman's statement, she and the other woman were told they needed to punch each other. She described how she felt she didn't have any other choice but to participate in this fight.

The victim claims she was coerced into doing this and promised that if she did, Large would help her complete the training hours she needed for a job she wanted.

She goes on to say the interactions with Large didn't stop there. She described how her "worst nightmare" began when Large started making sexual demands:

"He made me touch him, attempt to give him oral sex but he was obsessed with giving me oral sex," the statement read in part. "I felt so dirty. He also made me rub him with massage oil. He would show up in the middle of his work shift, wearing his gun and badge, asking for sex."

She says she didn't know who to tell because he was law enforcement.

The victim's story escalates when she says Large confessed to her:

"He said he was a bad man and that he was going to prison for a long time. I didn't understand. He said that he had done bad things to women for a long time and he was going to prison for a long time."

She wrapped her statement up by saying, "Large said SLED would be knocking at my door, told me to tell the truth, not to lie, that they know everything and have for a while."

Another accuser gave a voluntary statement to SLED in June 2016. She started her account the way many of the women do - describing Large as helpful and kind.

She then described meeting him in his office:

"Det. Allen Large went over my case and after we stood up, Det. Allen Large grabbed my breasts and kissed me roughly. I was up against a wall. I just knew someone heard and would walk in. No one did."

In her statement, the woman describes Large sexually assaulting her with a sex toy on his partner's desk in the M. L. Brown Building, as well as in the woods near her home.

Her statement read, in part, "The reason I let Det. Allen Large do the sex acts was because he promised that he would prosecute" the person she said raped her and the people who watched while that happened.

Throughout the allegations, Large maintained his innocence up to his death. In a statement he provided to SLED on Dec. 5, 2015, he spoke of how he loved his duties and "turned down many opportunities to be promoted because I enjoyed helping people and making a difference."

"I am nobody and am grateful for being given a chance to help people, even if it is to jail," Large's statement read in part. "I treat all persons that I have dealt with (with) respect, compassion, and mercy, if they were a victim, witness, suspect, or defendant. I have been very successful with treating everyone this way and I do care about all of them."

At one point in the statement, Large does admit to an interest in "female matches," noting he likes strong women and ones who are in control of their lives.

"I have looked at videos and web sites that have women in competition. There are a lot of people into it besides me," a portion of the statement reads.

Large goes on to say he had attended a few matches and that it was his "dark, secret life where my mind pushes the extreme."

WMBF News investigators are still going through more than 300 pages of documents related to Large’s criminal indictments, and we will have a report at 11 p.m.

Below is a timeline of the case against Allen Large. To view a full-screen version of the timeline, click here.

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