Miller-Motte students claim teachers miss class, their tuition has doubled

Miller-Motte students claim teachers miss class, their tuition has doubled

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - A group of students at Miller-Motte Technical College in Conway are speaking out, saying teachers aren't showing up for class, grades haven't been posted in seven weeks and their tuition has doubled.

The cosmetology and esthetics students said they are concerned they won't even graduate and worried about what could be next for the school.

Miller-Motte's main website shows five colleges have closed down. The students are hoping the Conway campus has a better ending.

"We need answers, we need to know what's going on," said cosmetology student Shannon Mitchell. "I took time out of my life and my family to be able to come here and have a future for myself. I was in nursing for 20 years and now I want to do cosmetology. I feel sad, like nothing is going to work for me. I am wasting my money here for no reason."

Mitchell said her daughter is also enrolled in the esthetics department.

"All these young girls are going through this. All they're trying to do is make a better life for themselves and their families. Right now she is pregnant and about to have a baby. We are here under false pretenses," she said.

The cosmetology school is an 18-month program, while the esthetics program runs seven months. Mitchell said for both courses, it's a five-hour class that meets five days a week. Students, however, said their hours aren't being clocked properly.

"You know, every single day there is no teachers, no grades. There's people that are supposed to be taking state boards right now and there's no teachers to help them prepare for this," Mitchell said. "They want us to come out of pocket for the state board when the checks should be here. We are being charged two times the amount we are supposed to be charged. Something needs to be done."

Students are wondering why their tuition amounts are increasing online.

"When I look online for here, Miller-Motte, it says my tuition is $17,000, but when I go on my credit it's saying it's about 36," Mitchell said. "There's other people, their tuition is stating it's 55 or $56,000. They are bringing us here under false pretenses. We are going through BS every single day here."

The state board is April 20 and the students said the school is supposed to pay for the test, but haven't received an answer as to where the checks are.

"The checks that are supposed to pay for the state board, one person says they are here," student Destiny Young said. "No they aren't; we are getting three different answers from everyone we ask. We just get a run-around response."

Young is worried for her future.

"I could have went across the street to Coastal and gone to school there, but they didn't offer esthetics," Young said. "I looked at Horry Georgetown Tech and they have an esthetics program there, but I came and looked at this as an option and I was told I would be getting hands on, you know everything they tell you, so then I get here and slowly I start to notice all this stuff."

Loleta Wilkerson, the executive director for the Miller-Motte Conway campus, provided WMBF News with this statement in response to the students' claims:

Tuition amounts are fully disclosed to the student prior to their enrolling. The tuition amount is listed in the official School Catalog, on the campus website, and on their enrollment agreement. Tuition amounts remain constant throughout a student's program of study. Students have access to personnel on campus to discuss their tuition charges and education funding at any time. Notwithstanding unforeseen circumstances, all classes are expected to be delivered as scheduled. Should any class time not be delivered as scheduled, makeup class sessions are scheduled as required. We learned that not all grades for this term were submitted by some instructors in our esthetics program according to company policy. At this time we have ensured that all grades are currently posted and attendance hours updated.  MMTC does not comment on employment matters as they are considered confidential. Our esthetics program is a 720 clock-hour program and all students are required to complete the full 720 hours to be eligible for instruction.

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