Senior class elects prom king, queen living with autism

Published: Apr. 2, 2018 at 9:26 PM EDT|Updated: Apr. 2, 2018 at 10:50 PM EDT
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LORIS, SC (WMBF) - There's a newly crowned prom king and queen at Loris High School. The junior and senior classes teamed up to vote for two students with autism.

Seniors Cayla Tyler and Payton Todd brought the idea to their senior class adviser Miss Cox, and passed the idea around during class pictures.

"Nobody could think of anybody better," said Cayla Tyler.

"I think a lot of people walk by and look over them because they do not have the same abilities we do. So for us I think it was really special, making them feel as special as they really are. It was very important for us and it made us all so happy," said Payton Todd.

Class adviser and prom coordinator Jodi Cox called Jordyn Suggs' and Logan Holt's parents to make sure they could be there for the crowning moment, but Jordyn and Logan were surprised at prom.

"I told Jordyn's mom first and I actually said 'Are you sitting down, because I really need to tell you something?' But it was priceless even to hear her at that moment because she was overwhelmed with emotion when I told her," Cox said.

Both Jordyn and Logan said they loved getting dressed up, riding in a limo, and dancing the night away. Their parents couldn't be more appreciative of this sweet act of kindness.

"It's really shows their heart and the compassion and the generosity they showed that night to two very special people....I'll never forget it," said Lori Suggs, Jordyn's mom.

"It's hard to express what it means as a parent for your children to be welcomed and loved and well thought of. It's quite a special, very unique group of seniors here at this school," said Logan's dad, Dale Holt.

Students in the senior class said a lot of people were emotional during the crowning.

"It brought tears to my eyes and I think to a few others as well, because for us, it would not have meant as much, but to them it meant the whole world. That's just so special for not only the differently-abled in Loris but all Horry County and farther than that," Payton Todd said.

An entire student body, teaming up to make two very special people feel loved.

"You can always have one bad apple in the class but I think this shows overall that this class has a big heart and they were willing to give these two their moment there for their senior prom," Cox said.

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