'Help Blue Run Again:' Humane Society raising money for dog in need of surgery

Updated: Mar. 26, 2018 at 6:57 PM EDT
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MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - One local dog is waiting to be adopted, but first, he needs surgery to help him walk and run comfortably again.

Blue, a young pitbull, came to Grand Strand Humane Society as a stray in December. When he started holding up his leg in pain, the veterinarians checked him out, and diagnosed him with luxating patella.

"That essentially is when the bone pops out of the knee, and it comes out of place and makes it hard for the dog to be mobile, to run and jump and play, and do all the things that dogs love to do," said Brittany Fiorentini, lead adoptions counselor.

The humane society does not have the equipment needed to complete the surgery themselves, but they have found a local surgeon willing to do it for a discounted rate. Even with the discounted rate, the surgery costs over $2,000.

"Blue is a big goofball, he is always happy, always wanting to play. We have been so sad having him on crate rest for so long because he is just one of those dogs that wants to get out there. He wants to be around people, be around other dogs," Fiorentini said.

Right now, Blue is able to walk around, but the surgery is necessary for him to be able to run around freely.

"It doesn't stop him, he's very still energetic, but for his safety that needs to be fixed so that he can be a healthy, happy boy," said Fiorentini.

After the surgery, Blue will recover at a foster home before being placed up for adoption at the humane society.

"Please help us help Blue so that he can go back to being his silly self, putting smiles on the faces of everyone around him and making this world a brighter place to be," the online campaign reads.

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