Report: Man arrested after ramming truck he thought was driven by drunk driver

Report: Man arrested after ramming truck he thought was driven by drunk driver
Lewis Pipher

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – A 48-year-old man was arrested by Myrtle Beach Police Monday night after he reportedly rammed a truck he thought was being driven by a drunk driver. Police said the truck driver was "quite sober."

At about 8:33 p.m. Monday, Lewis Pipher flagged down an MBPD officer near the corner of North Ocean Boulevard and Mr. Joe White Avenue, the police report states. Pipher was "very excited" when he reported what he believed to be an intoxicated driver in the area of the Landmark Resort.

The officer asked dispatch to send another officer to the Landmark Resort to meet with Pipher.

About 20 minutes later, a traffic officer was dispatched to the Oceans One Resort in reference to security possibly detaining an intoxicated driver, the report states. The other officer was nearby and also responded.

Upon arrival, the officer found Pipher on the sidewalk with security officers near a green Ford driven by Pipher, the report states. As the officer approached, Pipher yelled out that he had rammed the truck of the "intoxicated driver," because police did not respond quickly enough.

Soon after, another officer arrived and met with the victim whose truck was struck by Pipher. The police report notes that the victim was "quite sober." The victim had been driving a 1996 Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck – it notes that the paint and body panels appeared to be in "exceptional condition considering the age of the vehicle." The passenger end of the chromed front bumper was pushed in.

The witness, the girlfriend of the victim, said they had almost collided with Pipher earlier in the evening, but had apologized immediately after. She said Pipher left, only to return enraged. Pipher reportedly collided with the victim's truck and attempted to run the victim over after he got out.

Police reviewed surveillance camera footage from a nearby traffic camera, and noted that it corroborated the accounts of the victim and his girlfriend.

Pipher was arrested and charged with first and second-degree assault and battery, malicious injury to personal property, and resisting arrest, according to Myrtle Beach Police records.

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