No threat to Andrews High School after investigation into social media post

No threat to Andrews High School after investigation into social media post

GEORGETOWN COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - A Georgetown County school opened as usual Friday after law enforcement determined there was no immediate threat following a social media post a student made on Facebook.

Law enforcement was immediately notified after the school district received a quick tip notification Thursday evening and a determination was made Andrews High School could open as usual, according to Georgetown County School District spokesman Ray White.

The Georgetown County Sheriff's Office looked into a large number of social media texts on Friday and talked with students and determined no substantiated threats exist.

The Facebook post was sent to WMBF News and an investigator with the GCSO confirmed it was what started all the concern. A female student commented about a male student at school and referenced he was going to "shoot up the school and then blow it up when he finishes."

"I went to school and then I came back home with my cousin because the officers had the school surrounding and there was a threat there was going to be a shooting and bombing. I didn't even go inside, I left," Andrews High senior Jakyria McBride said. "When I got there, everybody was trying to get their kids and either leaving out of school and the office was packed and trying to leave instead of going into school."

Sidney Ackerman said he first heard about the threat on Facebook from other parents.

"You have to be over cautious with your kids now a days. It's a sad fact that we've come this far away," Ackerman said. "I think from the Florida shooting there was a lot of anxiety and worry extra because of that just happening. I think parents reacted the best they could but social media kind of fans the flames a little bit since no one knew what was going on."

Ackerman said a lot of children were pulled out of the other schools, too.

"You couldn't get a hold of people very well, limited communication," he said. "I mean the school did they best they could, but my son told me they didn't get very much done today. Half the class almost left in the first period from over worried parents."

"It's crazy because I never thought it would happen to your school," McBride said.

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