Myrtle Beach City Council to discuss eminent domain and the Superblock at Tuesday's meeting

Myrtle Beach City Council to discuss eminent domain and the Superblock at Tuesday's meeting

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – City council will meet Tuesday afternoon to discuss a number of items on the agenda, including eminent domain and the Superblock, repaving of roads, and DOJ grants.

City leaders plan to vote to take away any option to use eminent domain on the Superblock at this time, according to council member Mary Jeffcoat. Eminent domain allows a government to buy privately owned property for a public project.

City Spokesperson Mark Kruea said council made a motion last year that laid the groundwork in case they wanted to use eminent domain on the Superblock, but the city never actually did this.

Jeffcoat said there seems to be some misunderstanding about that and that council never actually voted to exercise eminent domain, so today council members are looking to clear the air.

"We're letting everybody know that at this point we do not intend to use eminent domain to purchase the last two pieces of property on the superblock,” said Jeffcoat.

"It's not something that we are committed to. We're not committed to using eminent domain and we think it's best to just get this off the table and clear it up and move forward from there,” said Council Member Gregg Smith.

At the 2 p.m. meeting, city leaders plan to accept money, part of RIDE III funding, to repave nearly 13 miles of roadways in Myrtle Beach. Kruea said the city won't be able to get the whole project done before the season starts, but the plan is to start on the areas east of Kings Highway this spring. After Labor Day, the rest of the project will be finished. You can find a list of roads here:

"We're excited to accept money from the RIDE III project to resurface the roads. This will allow us to resurface all the highest priority roads,” said Smith.

The city also plans to officially accept a grant from the U.S. Department of Justice to hire 10 positions within the police department. This is part of a program between the city and the DOJ to help enhance community policing.

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