'Recovery Room' brings IV vitamin therapy to the Grand Strand

'Recovery Room' brings IV vitamin therapy to the Grand Strand
(Source: Holly DeLoache)
(Source: Holly DeLoache)

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - A unique attraction has made its way into the Grand Strand. It's called the Recovery Room, and it's Myrtle Beach's first IV vitamin therapy location.

You might have heard of IV therapy as a hangover cure in Hollywood and Las Vegas, and the Recovery Room here in Myrtle Beach does the same thing.

Started by a physician's assistant, the Recovery Room opened on 38th Avenue North in July.

The IV drips are filled with vitamins and can be tailored to meet your needs. They have anti-aging, stress reducers, energy, athletic support, and the most common right now is immune boost to prevent the flu.

Many nurses have turned to IV drips to combat the germs they face in hospitals every day. Athletes can also find benefits.

"If I didn't sleep well and I was still working out or if I was playing basketball every day or jiujitsu and then I felt bad then I would come so my next week wasn't a horrible Monday. When I woke up the next day I notice a significant difference when I wake up and get out of bed then the morning before," said Zack Mendenhall.

Owner Dena Pozeg got the idea for the business after working in hospitals for the past 15 years.

"The more I investigated, I educated myself, I went to conferences, I found out about the whole other array of things that can help people like the immunity drips, anti aging, hormone support, infusion facial that make people feel really great," Pozeg said.

It's not a doctor's office, so insurance cannot be used. However, everyone that works there is a medically trained professional.

As tourist season picks up, Pozeg expects to see a rise in business.

"In the summers obviously with Broadway and the tourists that come in we see a lot of dehydration, we see a lot of hangovers and even a lot of sunburn. Sunburn is based on dehydration and some other things so that helps as well," she said.

She hopes one day to bring more anti-aging, wellness, and even hormone replacement therapy all under the same roof.

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