‘Mom I am so sorry:’ Shooting death of woman in Myrtle Beach Mall parking lot still a mystery two years later

‘Mom I am so sorry:’ Shooting death of woman in Myrtle Beach Mall parking lot still a mystery two years later
Frances Mae Davis. (Source: Michelle Gagne)
Frances Mae Davis. (Source: Michelle Gagne)

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – Monday marks two years since a woman was shot and killed in the parking lot of the Myrtle Beach Mall, and her death still remains a mystery.

On Jan. 8, 2016, Frances Mae Davis was sitting inside the car, waiting for her daughter who was shopping inside, when she was shot to death.

When the daughter returned to the car, she found her 78-year-old mother slumped over and her purse missing.

A suspect has yet to be named and Horry County police encourage anyone with information on the case to contact them. HCPD said all unsolved homicides will eventually be assigned and reviewed by the cold case team and do not discuss which ones, as to not be counterproductive in the investigation.

Davis' family said none of the credit cards inside her purse were used and whoever killed her didn't steal the iPhone that was in her hand or the jewelry that was on her.

A Facebook page was set up in Davis's memory. On Sunday, one of her daughters posted a message that said:

"At 12:15 pm on January 8th is when I found Mom in her car. It's been 2 years and nothing.................I miss her so much, my heart still aches and the guilt still haunts me. I wish I could change that day, I wish I would have just come home and not stopped. Mom I am so sorry."

Daughters Shelly Wells and Michelle Gagne said whether it was a local or a tourist, someone knows who took their mother away from them.

"You just don't know and it needs to be widespread. I have a friend that lives in France and she has it out. It's been all the way to California and back, so we just need answers," Gagne said.

Guilt filled Wells' heart as she thought back on that day she stopped at the mall and left her mother in the car to wait.

"I remember to this day I called 911 at 12:16 and we left the gas station at 11:59, so it was that quick of me going into the store and coming out," Wells said. "Mom wasn't sick. She was still working and healthy. It's just sad that somebody would come up to her in her car and feel the need to shoot her. They could have just took her purse or the car. The nightmare of finding my mother in the car and that was my last vision of my mother."

Gagne said her mother lived with her for almost 15 years.

"I just remember her coming out of her bedroom in the morning," she said. "Sometimes I still wait for it and my husband was sitting here and said he thought he saw someone in the corner of his eye, someone coming out of her room and I've had moments like that."

"You're hurting, you're in pain and you're angry," Wells said. "I want this person found. You took my mother from me. We have no parents anymore."

Tuesday would have been Davis' 81st birthday. Gagne said there is group of retired law enforcement officials from the Carolinas who are working with Horry County police on cold cases and were told last year their mother's case would be worked on.

The family is still offering a $20,000 reward for any leads.

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