Myrtle Beach residents among thousands affected by outage at Atlanta airport

Myrtle Beach residents among thousands affected by outage at Atlanta airport

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - On Sunday, 1,000 Delta flights were canceled following the power outage at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the world's busiest airport.

Many of those flights were from Myrtle Beach and beyond the Carolinas.

"We got to Atlanta and had no idea what we were supposed to do," traveler Gloria Ladeau said. "No trains, no elevators."

Stranded passengers also had to deal with no air conditioning.

Rob D'Angelo flew from Toronto and found himself sitting in the plane while on the tarmac for nearly seven hours.

"Dusk settled in and it started getting nighttime, et cetera, and I'm looking over there and it's like an eerie scene where there's just no electricity," D'Angelo said.

Amanda Evans was on a similar flight.

"People were getting hungry, obviously tired, thirsty," Evans said. "They wouldn't let us flush the toilets. They didn't want us to have a lot of beverages so that we weren't going to the bathroom."

When adversity struck, most dealt with it accordingly.

"It was a struggle," Forrest Yates said. "We just had to survive, adapt and overcome."

Kirk Lovell, spokesperson for Myrtle Beach International Airport, said MYR has redundant backup generators, which would enable the airport to continue operating if a similar situation were to happen locally.

According to NBC News, Sunday's outage in Atlanta was caused by an electrical fire that destroyed the redundant system powering the airport.

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