Over 130 animals removed from large-scale commercial breeder in Florence; charges filed

Over 130 animals removed from large-scale commercial breeder in Florence; charges filed

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - Dogs are receiving special care after they were removed from a breeder in Florence.

According to a press release, Florence County Environmental Services worked with an animal cruelty consultant and animal forensics experts to remove 133 animals from a large-scale commercial breeder on Nov. 29.

The name of the breeder is not being released at this time. According to the release, charges have been filed in this case, although the specific counts were not listed.

"While it is understandable that the public has questions, we ask that everyone please be patient as this is an open case," animal cruelty consultant Michelle Reid said. "Our first priority is the well-being of the animals involved."

According to Reid, the animal care specialists are dealing with everything from an array of intestinal parasites, giardia, ringworm, tumors, ear and eye infections, eye injuries, badly infected mouths, upper respiratory problems, heartworm and more.

All the animals were placed at an unnamed location for evaluation, the release stated.

Some of them were transported to an emergency vet and one had to be euthanized.

Although none of the animals were taken to the Florence Area Humane Society, President Jayne Boswell said she received some calls inquiring if any animals were brought to the shelter. She believes this case could bring light to issues in the area. "This is a unique opportunity to realize there are problems in our area and lets address them and make it better for the animals that reside here. You know humane care is what we are all about, " stated Boswell.

When it involves such a large breeder, some issues can arise Boswell explained, "A lot of times you don't know if that animal has ever seen a veterinarian, you don't know the health status or the condition of the parents of the animal, sometimes they are not kept in the greatest facilities on site, and sell them out of cages, you know what kind of standards of care are maintained every day and we worry about those kinds of conditions."

Boswell is hoping local leaders and state legislators create stricter standards of care in breeding facilities. She added, "I would love to see folks reach out to city, county council, legislators and lets just demand to put laws in place that are not intended to penalize anybody. We aren't looking at that we are looking at helping breeders humane society's and shelters provide adequate standards of care."

The goal of the Florence Area Humane Society is to place as many homeless animals in a loving home whether it comes through their doors or comes through a breeding facility and are happy to assist in this case they are contacted.

"There are reputable breeders and I love the fact that their goals are to preserve that breed for years to come. While we are looking in our state for standards of care in our animal shelters, so why not do both and have standards for both types of facilities."

Click here to learn how to donate supplies, money or adopt one of the animals once it is available.

Videos courtesy of Michelle Reid. WARNING: It may be disturbing to some viewers. 

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