Hartsville man arrested after police find evidence of dog fighting

Updated: Nov. 9, 2017 at 5:12 PM EST
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HARTSVILLE, SC (WMBF) – A 36-year-old Hartsville man is facing several charges after police found equipment and other items consistent with dog fighting on his property, according to a Hartsville Police incident report.

Edward Lamont Robinson was arrested on Monday and charged with three counts of ill treatment of animals, presence at animal fighting or baiting, possession of a weapon by a certain person, and possession of marijuana.

Hartsville Police investigated Robinson's home after an animal control officer advised them he had received information about possible dog fighting happening at the home, the incident report states. Police obtained pictures of two dogs that appeared malnourished, with heavy collars on and heavy, short chains. Police saw the pictures and the conditions the dogs were in and "did not want to wait to see if the dogs were being fought, or not," the report states. Another picture shown to police of a dog that was previously kept at the home showed obvious signs of fighting and scars.

Police also learned that Animal Control recently picked up three dogs from nearby the home that appeared to be "bait dogs," used in the training of the dogs kept at the property.

Police then went to the home to monitor activity, the report states. From their vantage point, they could see dogs in the backyard and dog training equipment.

Police then obtained search warrants. They met Robinson at the home, and he walked them into the backyard. Three dogs were on short, heavy, over-sized chains, including one dog attached to heavy tires weighed down with chains; police said this is used to increase the dog's strength for fighting. The dog attached to the tires showed signs of previous fighting.

Also in the backyard was a modified spring pole and a ladder with a basketball attached to a pole, which police said is used to increase the dog's strength by jumping, and jaw strength by biting into the balls.

Police stated in the report that all dogs lacked proper shelter, and were on chains much shorter than required in city limits.

Inside a shed in the backyard, police found a syringe that appeared to have been used for vitamins and other medical supplies given to the dogs.

Police then went inside Robinson's home and found a shotgun, a handgun, ammunition, a small amount of marijuana, and a bong, the report states. Robinson is a convicted felon and prohibited from possession of a firearm.

The dogs were seized, along with the dog fighting and training equipment, according to the report.

As of Thursday afternoon, Robinson remained in custody at the Darlington County Detention Center.

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