Conway High football player becoming a leader of men

Conway High football player becoming a leader of men

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - At an early age, Keith-Autry Benton knew his life's calling.

"God had called me into the ministry and there was just things in my life that happened that just made it very clear," said Conway High football player Keith-Autry Benton.

The linebacker and defensive back at Conway High had his faith tested after his junior season.

"I feel like that I've had a bigger platform this year because I tore my ACL. The players around me have seen me put in the work and seen me work hard to get back. Looking back I thought I'd never say this, but it has been a good thing in my life. In my football experience and in my faith."

Benton will help lead the Tigers in the second round of the state playoffs Friday. Soon he will help lead others to Christ.

"Any time that you can impact people's lives and you can help them in a way than just more than you want, that's when you really touch people. That's when people really respect you and want the same thing that you want."

Keith-Autry is already putting those principles to practice by leading the Fellowship of Christian Athletes at Conway High.

"In a world and at a school where you see so much going on that's of the world and just not good. It's good to have that time together and just to worship God and get away from all that once a week," said Benton.

Whether Benton makes a tackle on Friday or a game winning interception. He says his purpose in life is bigger than the game of football.

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