Caught on Tape: Suspect steals car, dog then takes deputies on wild chase in oncoming traffic

Caught on Tape: Suspect steals car, dog then takes deputies on wild chase in oncoming traffic

FLORENCE COUNTY, SC ( WMBF) - It's the tape gone viral that started in Florence County, and has now spread across the Carolinas and beyond.

A suspect is accused of carjacking a man on Ebenezer Road in Florence and then leading deputies on a wild chase in oncoming traffic on Interstate 95. Four people were injured, including a Florence County deputy.

One of the men who was not injured was Dennis Worden, the owner of the blue truck that law enforcement tried to stop.

"You look at those situations and think, 'How could this happen to me?,'" said Worden.

It's a situation that Sarah Nicole O'Brien of Florence was able to record.

"I saw all of these blue lights and I'm like, wait, that's coming in our direction but in the opposite lane," she said. "Something crazy was probably about to happen and all of a sudden, I saw that blue truck. He was in one of the oncoming lanes."

The events left Worden questioning why he was the victim of the carjacking.

"How could a good person like myself, who makes good decisions and wants to help people, get into these types of bad situations?" he said.

The thing that worried Worden the most was his dog, Cooper,  who was still in the truck.

"I'm in good health and I was able to find my dog, which was in the car at the time as well," he said. "That's the most important part of this to me. As long as I'm OK and my dog is OK, cars and other possessions that may have gotten lost in this whole situation can be replaced."

Thankful he's home safely, Worden thanks the community as well as all the law enforcement that helped catch the suspect and retrieve his dog.

"I can't thank them all enough for doing what they did to bring this man to justice," Worden said. "Things like this happen a lot and sometimes they catch them and sometimes they don't, but in this situation, it ended up for the good."

According to law enforcement, the deputy who was injured in the chase is recovering well. The case remains under investigation.

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