Thousands pack Georgetown for the solar eclipse

Thousands pack Georgetown for the solar eclipse

GEORGETOWN, SC (WMBF) - What people saw Monday in Georgetown is something a lot of them will never see again.

Thousands packed the town to experience totality from the solar eclipse firsthand, but the day was off to a rocky start. The town learned that the eclipse glasses it distributed had to be recalled.

"Out of an abundance of caution, they recommended the glasses not be used," said Georgetown Mayor Jack Scoville.

The company that provided eclipse glasses for the city was not able to run testing and those glasses could not be used. The city said it will get a full refund from the company.

"That's a shame to have wasted the money and the people who don't get notice. I hope no one gets hurt," said eclipse viewer Amy Cole.

Others who came out for the eclipse on Monday bought their glasses months in advance. Matt Brown and his wife spent months planning and hours driving to catch the eclipse in Georgetown.

"We've been working on this for about a year now, getting ready for it, making sure we have glasses and we're ready to go," Brown said.

Many others spent months planning this day, like a local bride and groom who said their wedding vows as the eclipse was reaching totality. And they weren't the only ones to say "I do" under the sun and moon.

Julian Simmons and Melissa Tuttle decided to have a spontaneous wedding during the eclipse.

"We came down from Ohio and one of my law school friends mentioned the eclipse might be a good time to get married, and we were going to get married on the marsh, but they referred us here and we ended up getting involved in having a wedding at the solar party," Tuttle said.

The next time a total eclipse will be visible in Georgetown County will be in 2052.

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