City council creates plan for 'unparalleled quality of life'

City council creates plan for 'unparalleled quality of life'

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – The city council's vision for the future of Myrtle Beach is outlined in their strategic plan they put together called an
"unparalleled quality of life."

City leaders started working on this plan two years ago. They started out with a list of nine objectives that they narrowed down to three categories: crime reduction, economic development and neighborhood enrichment.

The city of Myrtle Beach wants those who live in the area to know the city is here to help the neighborhoods achieve their goals and that this strategic plan will help do that.

"It was staff-driven and presented to city council. City council said, 'Yes, those are the priorities that we have, so yes, lets formalize that and put it into this format at this point," said City Spokesperson Mark Kruea.

Budgeting and funding play a role in accomplishing the objectives in these categories as well, according to Kruea. The city is looking to fund the things that will help to achieve these goals.

The city is doing things like working with neighborhoods to help establish their character and continue to preserve it. Even though tourism plays a huge role in the economy, Kruea said the city wants to make sure residents have an enjoyable place to live and work.

On the economic development side of this plan, the new businesses and things like Broadway at the Beach help aid in that.

"All three of those elements, crime reduction, neighborhood enrichment, and economic development all go together to make a good quality of life here in Myrtle Beach," said Kruea, "The chief challenge for us is balancing that residential versus commercial nature, and if we focus on those three things, I think our business community will do well and our residential community will do well."

These three objectives are the key elements that help a community become and stay successful, according to Kruea. It is possible that the objectives within these three categories could change, but for now, these are the city's main focus.

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