Interview between Sidney Moorer, police played during court hearing

Interview between Sidney Moorer, police played during court hearing

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - A taped interview between Sidney Moorer and a detective with the Horry County Police Department was played on Monday during a hearing ahead of the defendant's obstruction of justice trial tied to the December 2013 disappearance of Heather Elvis.

The hearing was for motions filed by the defense seeking to suppress evidence during the trial.

One of those pieces of evidence was an interview Moorer gave to Horry County police on Dec. 20, 2013, just days after Elvis disappeared. Defense counsel asked that the statement be suppressed because they felt it was a violation of the defendant's Miranda rights.

Jonathan Martin, who was detective with the Horry County Police Department's violent crimes division at that time, took the stand as a witness for the prosecution.

Martin testified he was one of four detectives who spoke with Moorer on that day. He noted the defendant came to the station voluntarily, with his wife dropping him off and picking him up. Since he was not under arrest, he was never read his Miranda rights.

The witness' 45-minute interview with Moorer was then played. In it, the defendant is heard talking about the night Heather Elvis was last heard from. He said he and his wife, Tammy Moorer, were together throughout the evening.

The defendant was also heard saying that he stopped to call Elvis from a pay phone because he was concerned about notes she had been leaving and her driving down his street.

During Moorer's 2016 trial for kidnapping, it was revealed he and Elvis had an affair. At Monday's hearing, the defendant is heard telling police he was looking to fix his marriage and he didn't want to have any further contact with her.

After the tape was played, Judge Markley Dennis said he would take both sides' arguments under advisement. He did not rule on the motion to suppress the statement.

Before the tape was played, Dennis denied the defense's motion to quash the indictment.

Moorer is charged with obstruction of justice for allegedly lying to investigators about making a call to Elvis from a pay phone on the night of her disappearance. His trial on this charge is scheduled for Aug. 28.

Tammy Moorer was scheduled to have a contempt of court hearing on Monday as well. That hearing was continued.

Both Sidney and Tammy Moorer are also charged with kidnapping in regards to Elvis' disappearance.

Sidney Moorer's initial 2016 kidnapping trial ended in a mistrial. A new trial date has not yet been set on that charge.

Tammy Moorer has yet to go to trial on her kidnapping charge. A date has not been scheduled.

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