Origins of the Dennis Miller Jamboree

Origins of the Dennis Miller Jamboree

BENNETTSVILLE, SC (WMBF) - Syvelle Newton, Levon Kirkland, and Albert Haynesworth made names for themselves playing football in the Pee Dee. But it's another name that holds high regard for one of the state's most respected events.

"The jamboree is named The Dennis Miller Jamboree of Champions, Dennis Miller was our booster club president at the time. He's since passed, and he came to me and said let's make the best jamboree in the state," said Marlboro County Head Coach Dean Boyd.

Over the past decade, Marlboro County coach Dean Boyd has followed though on that pledge. Hosting a dozen of the top Pee Dee programs in honor of his late friend.

"It means a lot to me, He was one of my best friends. He really was, he was a great man, He'd give you the shirt off his back," said Boyd.

While Dennis helped in anyway he could in Bennettsville, He also thought the jamboree could help opposing schools. And not just on the playing field.

"We gave each team 500 dollars for showing up. Then 200 tickets they can sell, so another thousand dollars they can make. And then we'll give them one tenth of the gate, At the time it was ten teams so they had a chance to make two hundred, three thousand dollars in a jamboree."

Dennis had a lot of pride in the Bulldog community. Naming the jamboree after him, was just a small token of Coach Boyd's appreciation.

"To be able to do this event in his name and honor him in that way and for his family for all the hours of service that he put into this county. It means a great deal to me." said Dean Boyd.