Consider This: School safety more important than a budget

Consider This: School safety more important than a budget

The Horry County School board has made another bad decision.  This time…voting to remove Horry County Police officers from schools and replace them with private security guards.

The reason: money.

Until now the school district and the county have split the cost of the officers' salaries.  However, with the request of 3 new officers to patrol the new schools, the county determined the school district should pay 90 percent of the costs which is an increase of more than one and a half million dollars.

I understand this is a significant increase that was not budgeted.  But, we are talking about safety in our schools, protection for our students and teachers.

I believe that should be in the hands of sworn police officers who are committed to protecting our community and have extensive and continuous training and who students know and trust.  Not a private security guard who is armed.

Consider This:  The money can be found just like it was for raises for the board members.

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