Myrtle Beach leaders consider bringing back food trucks on a regular basis

Myrtle Beach leaders consider bringing back food trucks on a regular basis

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Following a successful food truck festival in April, Myrtle Beach officials are looking at allowing them to serve up food on a regular basis.

At Tuesday's Myrtle Beach City Council workshop, a local entrepreneur brought up the idea.

Drew Basilicato is in the process of having his food truck built. It's called the Trojan Cow and will serve stuffed burgers.

In the meantime, Basilicato asked city leaders Tuesday what it would take to give food trucks the opportunity to do business within city limits.

The planning commission has already been looking at the viability of food trucks on the former J. Edwards Property along Kings Highway and 23rd Avenue North.

Following Basilicato's remarks during public comment, council members also discussed other possibilities, such as allowing food trucks at Myrtle's Market on days that it's closed, or having them do a once-a-month event somewhere.

Several council members were enthusiastic about the idea. However, some brought up the possibility of food trucks putting a dent in the business of brick-and-mortar restaurants.

Basilicato said he wants to work with area businesses so they can benefit each other.

"We can work together to where even if someone brings me a receipt from that establishment who may perceive us as competition, and I'll reward you with a discount just for patronizing that business, just to one, to play ball and to play together, but it also brings people out into the community," Basilicato said.

The owner of Kurbside Katering also spoke at Tuesday morning's workshop, saying he really wants to do business and contribute tax dollars to the city.

He's been operating in Horry County, which has allowed food trucks for two years now.

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