Loris residents frustrated with storm drainage

Loris residents frustrated with storm drainage

LORIS, SC (WMBF) - The town of Loris was hit hard by rain on Monday, with some yards and streets completely underwater.

Neighbors said it's because of the drainage issue in the city, which dates back about 30 years.

"When it continues to rain, the water just rises up and rises over on the land," said Janice Hinson.

Back in February, the town held a council meeting to plan relief for the issue, sparking Mayor Henry Nichols to apply for a $700,000 grant.

"It's just been too long; we've been trying to do this for 30 years," Nichols said.

Although the city's grant has not yet been approved, people of Loris are hoping the city will start working to remedy this this problem with the resources they do have. Neighbors said they're frustrated that after February's meeting, there is still nothing being done about the issue.

Hinson has been a voice for many of those effected by this severe drainage issue.

"I think it's time for the city to act," she said. "For all the people who have been effected by flooding, I'm speaking on their behalf."

Now, the people of Loris are calling on council members to speak up about this ongoing issue.

"These are not new or unidentified problems. Everyone is aware of it. And now is the time to do what is right," Hinson said.

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