Horry County lawmakers looking to simplify language for proposed gun ordinance

Horry County lawmakers looking to simplify language for proposed gun ordinance

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Horry County leaders are working on a new gun ordinance and want to know residents' thoughts on it before it becomes law.

Officials last spoke about the potential gun ordinance on Friday during the county's spring budget retreat, asking for a new draft that could be easily enforced by officers.

Right now, there are currently no laws that prohibit firing a weapon inside or outside of a mapped subdivision, something William Wood said needs to be addressed.

"I'm on my property, which is in Pine Valley Estates. Now I'm not on my property in Pine Valley Estates. This is simple," Wood said as he fired two rounds from his rifle into the air. "I can go over there anywhere on my property and fire my gun. Scare my neighbors to death. You've got to have clear-cut rules. There's got to be a distance where people can't fire guns. They need to be a good distance away from subdivisions and property that they could do danger to or cause a public nuisance."

A spokesperson with Horry County said local leaders were asked to get rid of certain language, like specifying certain distances from neighborhoods where gun owners can fire their weapons.

Carlos Wingate lives near the edge of the subdivision where he says most of the gunfire is heard. He said he has no problem with hunting or firing guns if it's done safely.

"I have a heard a lot of gunfire. Sometimes it gets pretty heavy, but I haven't had any bullets fly by that were noticeable," Wingate said. "Like they say, bullets don't have a name. They could fly at any place at any time. And if they're out there shooting and they have no idea how far away they are from the subdivision, who knows which way they're aiming."

After voicing his opinion in front of Horry County Council several times, Wood said he's still got faith in the system.

"Horry County Council will do the right thing and come up with a good ordinance," he said.

Horry County officials plan to hold a public hearing on the proposed ordinance before it is presented to council for a vote. That meeting will be in early May.

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