CCU theatre students learn from alumni who who followed their careers to NYC

CCU theatre students learn from alumni who who followed their careers to NYC

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) – For theatre students at Coastal Carolina University, the ultimate goal is to land that big role in a play or movie, or be the force behind a box office hit.

This weekend, they get the opportunity to hear about those dreams from CCU alumni who are currently living them.

"I think it's kind of breaking down a wall a little bit, because you remember when you were a student and the industry is this thing, this far away thing," said Kevin Kane, an actor, director and producer. "I think it's maybe kind of pulling the curtain from that dream part of it, and just saying this is what it's really about."

Brandon T. Snider, who is an actor and writer, said the goal of the weekend is to outline the practical reality of pursuing a career in the arts.

He added the reality is "not the same as I have a dream and I am going to pursue it."

"You are going to have good days, you are going to have bad days, and you are going to have to change and adapt along the way, and that's a process," Snider said. "You have to be aware that that is coming down the road. You don't get a big break and all of a sudden life is comfortable."

While both men have found success in various projects from Marvel to working closely with comedian and actress Amy Schumer, they take great pride and passion being members of The Collective, a non-profit theatre group out of New York City.

"Theatre is the one thing you can't do alone," Kane said. "Even if it's a one-man show, someone has to turn the lights on for you. I think you have these dreams and, like, you're trying to figure out your path. But really, what the long term of it is, people come together. You find your like-minded hive. You develop yourself, you develop your work, and hopefully we can show these students, with our hive, this is how you do it. You work together with other people."

With a group like The Collective as a support system, both agree the good days certainly outweigh the bad.

"So when you see this hunger in them to pursue their art, we are here to foster that," Snider said. "We are here to give them more tools, open their minds a little bit, so they connect with something new and go, 'You know what? Yeah, I do want to do this and I'm making the right decision.' I think that's really cool."

The shows, which will also feature CCU students, will take place Friday and Saturday night at The Black Box theatre of the Edwards College. The show starts both evenings at 7:30 p.m. Click here for more information.

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