Political expert breaks down yet another busy week in the White House

Political expert breaks down yet another busy week in the White House

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) – It has been another busy week for President Donald Trump, between tweets about an alleged election season wire tap into Trump Tower by the Obama administration and a second go-around for the travel ban, to the repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

Political expert Holley Tankersley, with Coastal Carolina University, said the president reverted back to his usual behavior following a relatively well-received speech to a joint session of Congress.

Regarding tweets about the alleged wire taps, Tankersley pointed to the sitting director of the FBI, other intelligence officials and aids to former president Obama all coming out and saying is not true.

"I think that the public has become somewhat desensitized to that," she said about the president's tweets. "That is his preferred mode of communication. But to level an accusation like that, in such an informal manner - I just can't say this enough - it is extremely abnormal for a president."

As for the revised travel ban, Tankersley said the administration did the right thing as far as taking more time and incorporating feedback it received from security agencies, advisers and legal counsel.

"And it's pretty clear that they also paid attention to the previous court opinion to try and clear up some issues from the first travel ban," she said.

However, Tankersley pointed out that several state attorneys general are submitting preliminary requests of injunction on the second ban until it can be reviewed for its impact and consequence.

She said one of the biggest topics of the week, though, has been one in the forefront of Americans' lives for more than 20 years - healthcare.

"This is really where President Trump is getting down to the nitty gritty of governing, and I think that he will find it more difficult, perhaps, than he anticipated, particularly given that Republicans in Congress are split between and amongst themselves on how to approach the repeal and possible replacement of the Affordable Care Act," Tankersley said.

She added there are some who support House Speaker Paul Ryan's, which keeps a lot of the ACA in place while making modifications regarding tax cuts.

Then, there is a group of Republicans largely centered in the House Freedom Caucus that is unsatisfied with that plan.

"So what you'll see is how President Trump reacts to a cleavage within his own party," Tankersley said.

As to the overall tone of the week, Tankersley says she's split.

"To see him pivot so quickly from that to some of the more outlandish behavior I think gives Americans a little bit of whiplash," she said. "It's almost like he takes one step forward in progress and two steps back, and I think he's got to learn some balance."

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