Family searches for answers after 28-year-old man murdered in Florence County

Family searches for answers after 28-year-old man murdered in Florence County

FLORENCE COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – Relatives are still questioning why someone would want to kill a man who lived his life helping others and was devoted to his family.

It's now a 2-year-old mystery and family members hope someone can help bring to light some answers as to what happened to their loved one, 28-year-old Ivory Henry III.

"He was a loving, kind, humble sweet-spirited person. As a teenager he was never in any trouble, never had any confrontations with anybody," Henry's aunt, Teresa Harley, said.

His good nature continued at work as well. Henry was a night manager at Zaxby's and volunteered to take a night shift at Florence's West Lucas Street location on May 9, 2015.

Henry was not the manager of this Zaxby's location; he just wanted to help out.

His wife, Angie, read on Facebook that there had been a shooting at the restaurant that night, and someone had been killed.

When Henry didn't answer his cellphone, Angie and her sister-in-law each jumped into their cars, racing to see if her husband, or "Man" as he was called, had been involved.

"And so my sister-in-law got there first and she called my phone and she said, 'Angie you need to get here. Man's car is still back there. He never left,'" Angie said.

Once Angie arrived, she saw that many family members had beaten her there. At that moment, she knew she would never see her husband again.

"The investigator said he didn't want us to see him like that, but we just wanted to tell him we're sorry, we're sorry we're late, sorry he was in there, we're sorry," Angie said.

Henry's family has been dealing with his loss and is trying to get answers. They want to know who would rob the store and take things a step further, shooting Henry twice until he was dead?

"At this point, we believe the back door was unlocked or that Mr. Henry may have actually let them in," Florence County Sheriff's Det. Chad Collins said.

"I wake up every day, I feel like I'm dreaming," Angie said. "I still have a ton of pictures of my husband up. But I feel like that part of my life now was a dream. And it was the good part. The rest that I'm living is hell. But I just continue to push for them."

As the family is forced to move on, they aren't all convinced this case will ever be solved. However, they say they'll continue to keep Henry's memory alive, in the hopes someone will come forward.

For Angie, she wants the killer to know just how they've turned her life upside down.

"That person that you think you took? You didn't just take someone that works at Zaxby's," she said. "You didn't just take another person off the street. You took someone who wanted to change the world. You took somebody who loved his kids, his family, more than anything. You took my soulmate."

Investigators said people of interest were given polygraph tests. Currently, there are no suspects.

Surveillance video from the truck stop across the street shows the last employee left the store at 1:20 a.m. It was between then and when the morning manager arrived later that morning, that the shooting took place.

The video also shows a red truck or SUV that may be the getaway vehicle. The suspect or suspects did get away with an undisclosed amount of cash.

Anyone with information is urged to call the Florence County Sheriff's Office.

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