What to expect in Trump’s first week as president

What to expect in Trump’s first week as president

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – Donald Trump stood before the nation as the 45th president for the first time Friday afternoon.

It was a moment every American will remember, and perhaps one of the most pivotal for Trump himself.

"This moment is your moment; it belongs to you," Trump said.

Holley Tankersley, a political expert at Coastal Carolina University, agreed with Trump in the sense that Inauguration Day is something every American should be proud of, even after a highly controversial election season.

"You may not like the president who occupies the office, but the presidency itself - the institution itself - you can think of it as its own person and it is something worthy of being supported." Tankersley said

She went on to say this is a process unique to the United States and showcases a smooth and peaceful transition of power. It is a moment that has been proven to change a president's mentality going into the office.

"Many former presidents have described it was real before the inauguration, but when you walked into the Oval Office or the White House after the inauguration and you realize the weight of this job and what is means, it's not just a way-willed power," she said.

Tankersley described the role of president as taking responsibility for hundreds of millions of people, their livelihoods and their well-being.

"The gravity of that moment has a huge impact on an individual, right? You can only imagine that it must," she said.

Tankersley is eager to see if the citizens, as a people, will see a change in President Trump.

"He may take his communication via Twitter more seriously. Does he retreat from some of the more outrageous things he's prone to say? I think if anything can change a person's behavior in any way for worse or for better, I would think the gravity of this moment would be one of those things," she said.

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