Consider This: Mandatory school uniforms a positive step

Consider This: Mandatory school uniforms a positive step

The idea of uniforms in public schools is getting attention again in South Carolina with a bill that was pre-filed.

While there are valid points to both sides of the debate, I believe the positives far outweigh the negatives, from reducing the incidents of bullying and eliminating dress code controversies to stopping the display of gang colors.

School uniforms improve safety for our students and teachers and put all kids on an even playing field when it comes to appearance.

It can also help to instill discipline and create an environment where children can focus more on their studies and school work by eliminating the pressure and worry over whether what they are wearing is acceptable to their peers.

Consider This:  South Carolina has made huge strides when it comes to education with a focus on technology in the classroom and a curriculum that leads to academic success.  Mandatory uniforms in public schools is a positive next step as we continue to focus on what will give our kids an advantage as they prepare for the future.

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