Student Spotlight: HS Freshman trying to change the world through social media

Student Spotlight: HS Freshman trying to change the world through social media

FLORENCE, SC (WM BF) - A young man, just as smooth as the suits he wears, is trying to show the world there's some positive things to see in his generation, and he striving to be a leader, at his school and in his community.

Destin FrontIs, 15, is a 9th grade student at West Florence High School.  He serves as Freshman Class President, and he also participates with student council and ROTC. Fronts says he works hard to achieve his goals, because he understands he has an opportunity some of his loved ones did not have.

"It's not an option to complete high school, it's not an option to complete college. It's not so much they did't want to, they just didn't have the opportunity and since they didn't have the opportunity because they worked to pave the road for me, and therefore, I have to do it. That is the major encouragement that's keeps me moving and motivated," explained Fronts.

Destin Frontis is also trying to change the world. He says he was tired of hearing about the violence among young people, and decided to make a change.

"We created, me and my co-founder created Save the Nation, it is a religious based organization."

Frontis says Save the Nation, started as a small social media group, that has now grown into a movement with young people just like Frontis, doing positive things in their community, dedicating their time to help others and influence positive change.

"We have about 45 members in 9 to 10 states, partaking in this, South Carolina is of course the biggest, North Carolina , Virginia, Georgia, Alabama, mostly the east coast, and a few on the west coast, but young people have attached to it and attached to the vision of it," said Frontis.

It doesn't stop there, Frontis says he also created a youth mentoring program, that is another branch of Save the Nation. The group pairs teens with youth and adult mentors, to help them make positive choices in their lives. Frontis says it means more to have a young person trying to help those affected by violence and negativity.

To find out more about Save the Nation, click here.

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