It's cold outside, stay inside and make it a Netflix weekend

It's cold outside, stay inside and make it a Netflix weekend

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Get cozy on the couch, get the blanket, grab the remote because it's a Netflix weekend. With winter weather headed our way, it seems like the best place to be is inside. It's a good thing Netflix plans to release a couple of new movies and original series, to get us through the winter weather weekend.

Coin Hoist,  Netflix Original.

When a crisis threatens to destroy their high school, four teens hatch a daring plan to raise $10 million.
But the students notice an overlooked security flaw, while on a class trip to a U-S Mint, and it becomes too tempting for them to ignore.

One Day at a Time, Netflix Original Series.

There's nothing like family, you'll see when the new original series One Day at a Time, debuts. Nobody puts the love in tough love quite like the Alvarez family. The comedy will be released January 6.

Growing Up Coy, Netflix Original. 

The Still Point Pictures film shows the journey of a Colorado family that is shoved into the spotlight when they decide to fight for the rights of their 6-year-old transgender daughter. Growing Up Coy will be released January 6.

Don't forget to check out the 74th Annual Golden Globes. This year's host Jimmy Fallon, was on hand for the official rolling out of the red carpet. The star-studded event airs Sunday, January 8, on WMBF.

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